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    Feeling alone in the urban jungle?
    Got no friends?
    Have you kept your inner child spirit and you’re still passionate about cartoons?
    Zdob si Zdub is back with a brand new video - #OmulLiliac (Batman)
    You can be batman yourself!
    The song was written by the band during their creative holiday in the Oituz mountains. The song was, as usual, inspired by real life events. In Oituz, the band met a man who built a house in the heart of the mountains, in order to live a solitary life, far away from the city madness. His girlfriend has recently left him, and the only living soul that keeps him company is a bat that lives inside his house. With this simple, restrained type of life, up in the mountains, our main character, the batman typology, doesn’t lose the joy of life, optimism and his hope to love again. But until then, his motto remains - Keep on dancing no matter what life brings you!
    Dancing is the best therapy either day or night. Both the song and its lyrics have a humoristic vibe, as humor has always been a significant part of Zdob si Zdub’s creative process. 
    "We just want to DANCE!
    Come and join our dancing ritual!”
    The video was directed by Electric Sheep Film and animated by Moka Studio (Kyiv, Ukraine). 
    Director: Yuriy Motrych.
    Music: Mihail Gancu
    Lyrics: Andrei Copot


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