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    2014 is the year when the Moldavian band Zdob si Zdub is celebrating 20 years of rocking the stage!

    Their story starts in the concert hall of an old factory called Mezon, where the young nameless band opens Cuibul’s concert by playing hardcore with a local ethno twist. This collaboration drew Igori Dinga’s attention – the frontman of the Cuibul band – and he helped the newly formed band to record their very first four songs at his studio in the November of the same year and also find their name: Zdob si Zdub.

    As it usually happens in the world of music, the anniversary serves as an excellent occasion to party with the fans, and the band has a lot of them: the Zdob si Zdub fan club spreads on nearly all the continents. This is the reason why the band has organized a series of events entitled 20 years of Moldavian Hardcore, which have already been launched in the Russian clubs of Moscow and Sankt Petersburg – GlavClub – on the 2nd and, respectively, the 3rd of November 2014.

    When asked why did the band decide to share its celebration with the Russian fans first, Igori Dinga, the band’s producer answers that Moscow is the city where the band hit the big stage for the first time. Another reason is that Zdob si Zdub’s debut album – Hardcore Moldovenesc – was released in Moscow. Of course, the band is planning to have concerts in their homeland clubs, as well as a tour in Romania and Ukraine, the neighboring countries of Moldova, diring the first months of 2015. The presidential elections that are running at the moment in the Republic of Moldova are the cause for which the band decided to delay their concerts in Chisinau. Zdob si Zdub want to avoid their association with the fight of political parties for power.

    The band won’t celebrate their 20th anniversary by recording trivial Best Of’s, but is working on a new album, two songs having already been produced in collaboration with the German producer Ian Rubach. Their clean and unmistakable sound tells us one thing: 20 years of activity have brought to Zdob si Zdub nothing but mastery while they kept all of their crazy drive to rock the stages!



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