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    Recently, the company «Banana-Art» has created a new collection of clothing and leather accessories under the Zdob si Zdub brand. The main theme of the collection is - earth and water. On this occasion a fashion show will take place and a calendar will be published by 2011!
    The Art Director of the project, Carolina Voitenko says: "The idea of the collection lies in the fact that no matter how much people alienate from nature (technical progress, evolution, urbanization etc.), he, the “homo sapiens”, is a part of the nature and is very closely related to it. The Zdob si Zdub music, which is a distinctive mix of musical motifs coming from different cultures and nations, inspired us to create this project..."

    Soon we will post information regarding how one can purchase the pieces from this collection!
    Zdob si Zdub * brand collection "Earth & Water"

  • Вардуца
    8 december 2010 12:04
    Очень интересные решения :)
    С нетерпением жду информации о том, где можно приобрести эти чудесные вещи :)
  • Алекс
    9 december 2010 16:14
    Тут информация о гастролях в Израиле
  • Иоанна
    10 december 2010 16:56
    Роман просто прирожденная модель!)))))
  • Alina
    24 july 2011 21:49
    Am trecut de mijl lui 2011, cand apare colectia?
  • Arina
    25 july 2011 12:23
    site-ul companiei care a produs colectia


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