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    The “Beloe Vino / Krasnoe Vino” album release took place on the 8th of October in Moscow.

    moscovaThe Russian capital welcomed Zdob si Zdub and the band’s friends with warm and sunny weather… perfect for a walk, a boat trip or for reading in the park. Surely nobody forgot about the main mission… Sound check – checked, now heading to the Moldovan restaurant, “La Taifas”, recently opened in a very scenic spot on the Moscow river, where the mass-media representatives were already waiting impatiently for the start of the press conference. Traditional decorations, sounds, tastes, smells… non traditional way of holding a press conference: the talks regarding the album, the past experiences and the future plans, were combined with a master class on Moldovan kitchen. Roman and Mihai were the chefs, describing and showing how one can cook a good mamaliga (corn flour dish), mujdei (garlic sauce), tocanitsa (stew)… sour cream and sheep cheese were not missing. When everything was ready, all were invited to feast. And surely good Moldovan white and red wine was served.

    Everybody happy – changing the location to Club “B2”. The night started with funk sounds from the band “Cuibul” – an already legendary Moldovan band, very good friends of “Zdob si Zdub” and special guests for this evening. Surprise-surprise, Roman on stage with “Cuibul”, performing the hit “Doina RocknRoll” – the live featuring had the audience in raptures.

    Shamanic music, low light, one by one Zdod si Zdub is in front of a very cheerful audience. The show was divided in two parts. Firstly, all the songs from “Beloe Vino / Krasnoe Vino” album were played live, for the first time outside the rehearsal room, an absolute premier. The ones present at the concert were receptive to the new songs and merrily sang along to the covers of Russian hits - rock, pop and folklore music. Zdob si Zdub succeeded to ingeniously deliver the initial message and attitude of the songs blended with own musical personality.

    A loyal audience deserves proper treatment: once the presentation was over, the Zdubs’ “classics” show started. All together – a two hour gig, filled with loads of positive energy, active dancing on stage and surely on the dance floor. Seemed like the musicians were rediscovering their songs and they were fully enjoying it and the audience was grateful, reacting accordingly.

    Of course the night ended in the morning.

    On the second day, in Club “Concert” – the same exclusive track list, but in a more intimate atmosphere. Besides the female vocals of Aliona Triboi on several songs, this time, Zdob si Zdub was also joined on stage by Trio Erdenko whose voices you’ve heard on “Videli Noch”.

    Good or bad, but the plan is to perform the most of the songs from the freshly released album only at its presentations… Zdubs are getting ready for Kiev, Sankt-Petersburg, native Chisinau and other cities. The next one is in Kiev, on the 29th of October, don’t miss it.
  • Я
    12 october 2010 22:02
    Кто это написал ? Садись, два !
  • Ли3хен
    12 october 2010 22:26
    Я, Вам чем не понравилась заметка?)
    Санкт-Петербург - это хорошо:) Ждём с нетерпением!
  • Dasha KO
    12 october 2010 23:20
    Да, в Питер! Теперь я и картину приготовила в подарок!
  • tzibari
    13 october 2010 00:02
    ребята... а Кишинёв???? кто вас любит больше чем мы? самое время немного
    перетрясти наш народ!!!
  • tzibari
    13 october 2010 00:06
    О, и Старуш вернулся!!!! зажигалка!!!!
  • Alis
    13 october 2010 10:11
    !!!! Ура!!!!! Приезжайте в Питер!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dinga
    13 october 2010 17:12
    концерты с программой Бело/Красного вина точно пройдут в Питере, Киеве, Кишиневе
    и Бухаресте! Это будут одноразовые мероприятия с одним и тем-же трек листом,
    потом группа вернется к своему корневому репертуару!
  • Ли3хен
    13 october 2010 20:26
    Что-что? К корневому? Я надеюсь, это до выпуска нового альбома, который вроде как
    должен быть зимой, ведь так?
    Ничего не имею против корневого репертуара, но хочется какой-то новизны, что
    ли... А после Белого/Красного вина в СПб они ещё приедут?
  • renatta
    14 october 2010 23:21
    felicitari pentru prestati din moscova, dar la bucuresti cand va mai vedem? Imi
    este foarte dor sa va vad live si abia astept sa aud si in romana o parte din
    melodiile de pe albumul vin alb/vin rosu
  • Stanislaw
    15 october 2010 14:38
    Пару дней назад вернулся из Кишинева в Россию, и только здесь узнал, что
    оказывается Здубы выпустили новый альбом! Приятное удивление! Надеюсь, что после
    официального посещения столиц с презентацией Белое вино/Красное вино, ребята
    заедут и в другие города России, например Новосибирск... Вас здесь тоже любят!

    V? dorim s? v? videm, Moscova ?i Sankt Petersburg nu este ?ntreg de Rusia! V?
    doresc toate cele bune!
  • Sorin
    12 november 2010 14:30
    Va asteptam la Bucuresti sa lansati noul album


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