Zdob şi Zdub

Anatolii Pugaci

Anatolii Pugaci – drummer, “heart” of the band.
In Zdob si Zdub from the beginning.
Plays drums and sings.
Musical education - musical school, accordion class.
The most cheerful and joyous member of the band.
Is good in pantomime.
Dedicates his free time to bowling, cars and watching movies.

Birth date:

Birth place:
Chisinau, Moldova

182 cm

84 kg

Eye color:

Hair color:

two younger brothers

Instruments he plays:
accordion, guitar, drums and percussions

middle technical professional

In the business from the age of:
21 years

Previous occupations:
pupil, student

music, TV, girls, communication, cars

Favorite singers:
Serj Tankian

Favorite actors:
Brad Pitt, Jack Nicholson

Favorite actresses:
Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore

Favorite dishes:
ravioli, fried eggs, and salads

Favorite drinks:
wine, cognac, juice

Favorite clothes:
jeans, sneakers, T-shirts

Favorite band:
System of a Down

Favorite instrumentalist:
John Blackwell

Favorite composer:
Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky

What I like:
stylish clothing

What I don’t like:
Quarrels, cold, and slush

Musical passions:
clear, rhythmic music

Personal aspirations:
to write a mega-hit and as a result…

Professional aspiration:
to become well-known around the world
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