Zdob şi Zdub

Mihai Gincu

Mihai Gincu – bas guitar, “heart and soul” of the band.
In "Zdob si Zdub" from the beginning.
His soul belongs to the music.
Musical education – musical school, accordion class.
Egocentric, ambitious.
Dedicates his free time to listening, doing studies and analyses of the modern music. His passion is making compositions and arrangements. He is a musical director of the band.
Likes modern movies, literature and fashion.

Birth date:

Birth place:
Straseni, Moldova

178 cm

70 kg

Eye color:

Hair color:
dark brown, curly hair

one older brother

Instruments he plays:
all instruments, if I train

middle school, 3 years of musical school (accordion)

In the business from the age of :
23 years

Previous occupations:
agriculture, member of the vocal-instrumental ensemble from my town

music, travels, mountains, fishing

Favorite singers:
I don’t like separate singer, they are too changeful

Favorite actors:
Christopher Walken, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks

Favorite actresses:
Nicole Kidman

Favorite dishes:
fried eggs and potatoes with soy sauce with onions

Favorite drinks:
whisky, Czech beer, coffee

Favorite clothes:
trousers, hoodie, sneakers, trainers

Favorite band:
Sigur Ros, RHCP, Bregovic, Rammstein

Favorite instrumentalist:
Tudorica from Valeni village – he plays the “doba” (drum) and flute

Favorite composer:

What I like:
the sea and sea products

What I don’t like:
rudeness, trivial problems and society’s foundations

Musical passions:
groove, rhythm section, originality

Personal aspirations:
to write as much as possible own music

Professional aspiration:
to become wealthy and to keep my talent
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