Zdob si Zdub band history

"Zdob si Zdub" (from Romanian – the imitation of Drum sound) musical band was put together in 1994 in Moldova.
At your attention! Roman tells “how it all began”–the prehistory you never heard before…
Roman: “It all began around 1989-1990. Mihai (which is younger), Anatol (my classmate) and I went to the same school, No.2, in Straseni. I lived far away from the centre of our small town, and sometimes I was coming there, to meet with my friends. Together we played some music, tried to write some of our own songs, watched videos and talked about different things – namely, we creatively spent our leisure time. Gathering at Anatol’s place, we played and even recorded some songs (of The Beatles and Roxette) – our drums were the books and we had “antediluvian” microphones. We didn’t have our own instruments but forks, spoons, books and an acoustic very used guitar. All our “master pieces” were recorded on a tape recorder “Electronica 302M”. The slow process of playing the musicians transformed into something more serious when Mihai’s brother, Alexandru, came back from the army. A leader and a dream appeared. Alexandru (Sasha) played well guitar and he was ambitious. He gathered us into a band where everybody had a role. Sasha was the vocals and played guitar, Mihai played the drums, Anatol – also vocal, Anatol’s brother (Valeriu) played clarinet. I played guitar. It took us a while to think of a band name and finally we decided on “Santa Maria”. Therefore, under this name we held our first live concert at “Ave Beatles” Festival in Chisinau. After this event we started to create a rehearsal place and to buy our own instruments (drums, guitars).
During that period, Anatol and I were working as electricians at a fruits and vegetables depot, Mihai was working as loader at the wine factory, Valera was working at the music school, but Alexadru got a job in Chisinau, at “Apa Canal”. This is how we got to move to Chisinau. The style of our music was unclear to me – there were some what ever songs, musical fantasies and the ideas of Sasha. Our style from those times could be named “peripheral naive chanson-funk”. At the time, when Alexandru was taking a brake and he was leaving the rehearsal room, we were starting to jump, to go crazy, to play Nirvana and Queen songs… These things irritated Sasha. Came the time when he went to work in Germany. And so we were offered to ourselves, to our musical ideas and… hurray! Freedom!
At the time, I was already studying at The Physical Education and Sport Institute. I invited my institute mate, Serghei Cobzac, to join our band. We returned to Straseni, where we recorded our first album. The band name was “Noise”. Unfortunately, the album didn’t reach the present times… Then – again the capital and rehearsals in the basement of the school No.59 from the Chisinau’s region – Buiucani. This basement became the legendary cradle of the future Zdubs. It was a period with concerts, adventures: we got acquainted with the rock scene of Chisinau, with people that played a significant role in our lives… namely, Igor Coselean, Svetlana Macarova, Igor Dinga, Ghenadie Barbu, Vlada and Costic, the bands “Cuibul” and “Axident”.
We moved to Chisinau and we were becoming rockers.
In November 1994, the first demo was recorded in a professional studio, and one song, "The Lost World" passed the selection of the "Learn To Swim - 1" Festival in Moscow, where the band appeared for the first time as "Zdob si Zdub". The band managed to capture immediately the attention and sympathies of Moscow extreme youth and made friends with the local alternative bands, especially with the "IFK", that accepted "Zdob si Zdub" invitation to play at the "10 Years After Chernobyl" Action in Chisinau.

In July 1996, "Zdob si Zdub" participated at the "Learn to Swim - 2" Festival, where they played before the world famous alternative band "Rage Against the Machine".

Two songs were recorded for the "Learn To Swim - 2" compilation: "V dome moiom" ("In My House") in Russian, and "Hardcore Moldovenesc" in Romanian. The second song has become an absolute hit, and it still is the "visit card" of the band. All national radio stations broadcasted "Hardcore Moldovenesc", which became the hymn of the alternative youth in Moldova, being in the top of the hit parades. The same song was included in the "Romanian Underground" compilation in Romania, attracting attention due to the obvious Moldovan dialect.

At the end of 1996, as a result of the deal with the Russian label "FeeLee", "Zdob si Zdub" recorded their debut album "Hardcore Moldovenesc". The entire album is in Russian, with the exception of the title track.

In January 1997, the band had an opening performance for "Biohazard" and "Rollins Band" in Moscow.

In March 1997, the band made a promotion tour with the Russian band "Tequilajazz" in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Chisinau.

In August 1997, "Zdob si Zdub" played at the "Kazantip" Festival in Crimea in front of thousands of people.

In October 1997, the band recorded 10 songs of the album "Hardcore Moldovenesc" in Romanian, for distribution in Romania.

In December 1997, "Zdob si Zdub" initiated the "Learn to Swim" Festival in Chisinau, and invited the bands "Kirpitchi" from St. Petersburg and "Neurotica" from Timisoara (Transilvania, Romania).

In 1998, "Zdob si Zdub" toured a lot, and at the end of the year had a two weeks tour in Germany. After that, "Zdob si Zdub" started to work on a new album, heading away from the American hardcore-concept, making more use of ethnic instruments, using them in the same extreme way, but with a more melodic, lyrical Moldovan touch. All the new songs are written in Moldavian dialect of Romanian language.

It was the beginning of a new stage: preparation for the recording of a new album under the name "Tabara Noastra". The album was recorded with the help of the famous Moldovan musicians, and, namely, Anatol Stefanet from "Trigon" (violin alt), Valeriu Cascaval from the folk music band "Barbu Lautaru" (dulcimer), and Eugen Didic from "Cuibul" (trumpet). The album consists of 12 songs, three of which are in Russian and the remaining - in Romanian. Three songs have been recorded and submitted for promotion: "Draga Otee" - an old hit of the well-known Moldovan musician Iurie Sadovnik, the soulful ballade "Maria Blues", and "Zdubii Bateti Tare", resembling the Moldovan hardcore.

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