C?teva ?tiri rapide

C?teva ?tiri rapide
We have several news for you:

1. Yesterday was the birthday of Valeriu and today is Roman’s birthday. Best wishes to them!

2. We are releasing an entirely Russian album. It is called “Beloe Vino / Krasnoe Vino” (from Russian – “White Wine / Red Wine”), it is out on the 8th of October 2010, on Soyuz Music Record Label. The release will be accompanied by two concerts in Moscow, Russia – on the 8th in B2 Club and on the 9th in the Concert Club. We are working on organizing release concerts in Ukraine and Moldova… and maybe other countries.
We haven’t released an album in Russian since 1997 – the year of our debut album “Hardcore Moldovenesc”. Contrary to the first album that had a clear concept, the new one is totally anti-conceptuality. At different times and on different occasions Zdob si Zdub recorded songs that on just as many grounds haven’t been released. Now they are all gathered under one cover. The track list, a very short description of each song and the album cover are available on the opening page of . We are working on the new website, stay tuned.
You've heard and read, here and there, about an album upon which we've worked with the German producer Marc Elsner. Well this is something totally different and additional information will be posted at the right time.

3. The Ethnomecanica website is still there – you can find a link to it on the bottom of the main page. At the moment the news and the concert dates are posted on the Ethnomecanica website.

4. And finally we have an official Facebook Page and we will try to keep you updated all the time. Like!
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