Bon Voyage - Paris, I Love You!

Bon Voyage - Paris, I Love You!
Bon Voyage - Paris, I Love You!
Airplanes, Chisinau-Munich, Munich-Paris, and here we are for the first time in France, Charles de Gaulle airport. After driving through the outskirts of Paris, which reminded us of Bucharest, we left our luggage in the hotel and went to dine with our compatriots who have moved to France long time ago and opened a restaurant 300 meters from the Eiffel Tower. Monsieur Vitaly greeted us with a jug of wine, oysters and dumplings. On the way to the restaurant we passed the most famous streets of Paris, we saw the renowned Tower, the Champs-?lys?es and the city's interesting people walking along the river Siena. Late at night, singing "Bun ii vinu Ghiuguliu" we went to bed.

On the next day we went to do the rehearsals in the retro-cabaret that has the shape of a circus – a whole complex of terraces, called Cabaret SAUVAGE! A great place for any festival! Special thanks to Romanian Cultural Institute for inviting us to Sin Fronteras Festival. Also, many thanks to each employee of the Institute, that accompanied us and gave us support during out stay in Paris! The Festival program for our day, July 30: Concert ZDOB SI ZDUB + FAREN KHAN + DJ TAGAD + selling art objects and souvenirs + Romanian and Moldovan kitchen. Moreover, photographers’ and artists’ performances and activities for children could be attended.

Rehearsals went great, there were three hours remaining until the show and we took the subway to go for a walk in the city center. We were accompanied by the photographer and press attach? of the Romanian Embassy in Paris. We got into the dizzy atmosphere created by mass entertainment, cafes, the smell of perfume and freshly prepared dishes and people eating baguettes in the street. And here's the famous Saint-Germain, Bastille and Notre Dame. We felt unusual that everyone around spoke French and during the dinner we realized that the French do not speak English - learning foreign languages should start at the kitchen!

To our amazement, on this day of summer, when vacation season is in full swing, many people gathered in the concert hall. There were present two large diasporas, the ones of Romania and Moldova, and of course their French friends. Most came with their children and everyone sang along, danced and had fun. We could read a lot of emotions on the happy faces of our fellow citizens, some were weeping with joy. Many of them haven’t visited Moldova for 6-10 years, as they are still living illegally in France and thus cannot leave it and then return. Our concert was a real feast for them: by means of music, you can return to the roots and feel yourself! The new Moldovan Ambassador in Paris, Mr Serebrean, was present at the concert, but he sat modestly in the lodge and drank mineral water. Our flags fluttered throughout the hall, the audience was in ecstasy, it was a very successful concert: we came out for 3 encores and sang for around 2 hours. So far, it is probably the best concert of this year! After the Zdubs, DJ Taganda followed; the audience was patiently waiting for autographs and to take pictures with the band musicians. Many invited us to continue the feasts, they were eager to spend the night with us, but on the next day we had to wake up early, we had a flight to Berlin at 9 AM.

Saturday morning, 7:00, the streets are empty, we headed to the airport. In Paris there are surprisingly many traffic lights that are not off during the night. The city’s neighborhoods are built irregular with traffic lights at every corner ... they do not allow us to move quickly. Romanian Cultural Institute minibus driver is nervous, with uncensored speech he goes on red. We were ready for a police chase, but fate spared us and we managed to arrive on time.

Paris, we love you! Thanks to everyone that made our concert there possible!

P.S.: More photos in the Media Section.
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