Premiering in Paris!

Premiering in Paris!
Cabaret Sauvage, a concert hall in Paris, that continuously houses well-known bands from all around the world, organizes each year a summer festival - Sin Fronteras Festival. Between July 16 and August 8, Cabaret Sauvage invites everybody to four escapades: Latin, African, Transylvanian and Oriental, represented by drama, visual arts, traditional cuisine, games for children and adults, and of course, by music. Why are we saying this? 'Cause, for this occasion, we are pleased to premiere in Paris ... in fact, in France! The event will take place during the Transylvanian escapade, supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute on July 30, at 20:00. On the same day the stage will host Nadara Gypsy Band from Romania and DJ Tagada from France.
Let’s celebrate diversity together!
We look forward to meet with our friends and to make new ones!

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