“Zdob ?i Zdub” vs. “Mashina Vremeni”

“Zdob ?i Zdub” vs. “Mashina Vremeni”
“Zdob ?i Zdub” vs. “Mashina Vremeni”
Were you just thinking that “Zdob si Zdub” got totally silent and invisible?
Dear friends, they are working, working and creating in the studio. And it’s not only about their own new material. There is something more – a cover of an old good song by “Mashina Vremeni” (a very famous Russian rock’n’roll band). We are talking about “Neobychiaino grustnaia pesnia, ili telega”(from Russian – “Unusually sad song, or a cart”). And there is a purpose for this!

The song will appear on a double tribute album, named “Mashinopis”. Musicians of different generations engaged in this project, offering their versions of the “Mashina Vremeni” songs. Namely, these are the participants: “Agata Kristi”, “Akvarium”, “Alisa”, “Billy’s Band”, “Bravo”, “Visokosnyi god”, “Voskresenie”, Aleksandr Gradskiy, Evgeniy Grishkovets and “Bigudi”, “Zdob si Zdub”, Maksim Leonidov, “Lyapis Trubetskoy”, “Mumiy Troll”, “Neschastniy Sluchai”, “Pilot”, Nikolay Rastorguev, Sergey Shnurov and “Rubl”, Aleksandr F. Sklyar, “Serga” i Garik Sukachev, “Splin”, Valeriy Siutkin, “Surganova i Orkestr”, “Tarakany!”, “Umaturman”, “Undervud”, Nicolai Fomenko and “Bobry”, “Chaif”, “Chizh i Co”, “Iu-Piter”…a surprise for many will be the cover versions presented by the following generation of musicians: “Bumboks”, “Kaverne Denev”, “Kasta”, “Muha”, Petr Nalich, SBNCH, “Cheese People”. The album will be released by “Nikitin Records” on December, 9.
“Mashina Vremeni” is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. This event is accompanied by a tour, which already has begun in March of the current year. The grand final concert will take place in Moscow’s “Olimpiyskiy” Sports Complex, on December, 11.

At the beginning of the evening, the stage will welcome some guests – participants to the tribute album “Mashinopis”. Their names is not disclosed at the moment, but according to Andey Makarevich (the leader of the band), “there will be the ones that you would least expect at our concert”. The guests will be followed by “Mashina Vremeni” itself, with a special setlist, which will include their classic songs, but also new ones. The show will be recorded by the “Avtoradio” Company and released on a DVD.

The second album that will go on sale namely in that day and on that concert is the new “Mashina Vremeni” album! The title of the album stays yet unannounced, although Andrey Makarevich already drew the cover. The recording of the album is in full swing, every break in between the concerts being used. The new album will feature “Mashina Vremeni” new songs (which will also be played at “Olipmiyskiy”), as well as cover versions mostly liked by the celebrated band.

As for the cover that Zdubs are preparing now in the studio – it’s promising to be very interesting.
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