Fests you need, fests you want?

Fests you need, fests you want?
Fests you need, fests you want?
Svirz'09 was thought to be big and important, but turned out sad and low.

This is today's reality, and the lack of good sponsors led to the almost total collapse of the Svirz festival in Lviv region, which is intended as a World Music festival and is expected to have aprox. 50 thousands of spectators and a large number of participating teams.

For details acces:
In spite of it all, our band performed at the festival and our grateful public was made of 10 thousand people hungry for good music.

Following, is a comment on our band’s forum of one of our fans, who was at the festival:
«I would like to say a big “Thank you!” to the Zdubs for their wonderful and touching performance at the looser festival SVIRZ2009.
Unlike other groups, which at the time learned of the organizers’ noble deeds simply canceled their concerts, the Zdubs were among the few band who stayed and held their one hour performance.
Respect you guys, and a huge thanks! The way you reacted, reveals the true level of the band, and the fact that you give priority to your listener’s needs, and not to the money related issues».

Well, a “Thank You!” to all of you too. We would also like to high light the following things about Svirz:
The location is wonderful for festivals. The idea of the festival is great too. We hope that the organizers will regain themselves after this failure and continue to develop this great festival.

Photos from the festival were sent to us by Brodskiy Vladimir and Skorohod Lucy. Take a look in the folder Media / Photos.
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