Hafenfest’09 – the story of it … Roman Iagupov and Zdob si Zdub band

Hafenfest’09 – the story of it … Roman Iagupov and Zdob si Zdub band
Hafenfest’09 – the story of it … Roman Iagupov and Zdob si Zdub band
Hafenfest’09 – a unique in its kind Harbor Festival, which emphasizes a 3-day final show after two years of Hubert von Goisern’s – a famous Austrian musician - and his musical group sail on a barge equipped like a floating stage on the Danube River from West to East and from East to West.
Roman: “The closing of Linz Tour (Linz Europe Tour 2007-2009), which lasted 2 years, was fantastic!!! If Vienna represents Mozart and the opera, then Linz Tour (Linz Europe Tour 2007-2009) is Hubert von Goisern and the Danube!!!
A few days before Hafenfest we landed on the shore in an area where gliders soar and ships sail, in a nutshell, on the Danube in the Austrian town of Linz. There would have to take place that of what dreamed of both Hubert, and those who took part in his international journey on the waves of the Danube from the zero kilometer at Vilkovo village, Ukraine, to the cultural capital of Europe in 2009 - Linz City ...
Three days shook the surrounding areas, to be more precise … not only these three days …
... A few days before Hafenfest – and I would call it “Mega-Cultural” – Hubert von Goisern, Haydamaky, we and the well-known Bulgarian Gypsies Karandila were looked around the district like a gipsy camp with street concerts. You could say we went along with the flow and visited cities and places at random, then put up the mobile stage in less than 5 minutes and sang our hearts out! Mini-concerts with an acoustic sound charmed everyone passing by. People appeared out of nowhere, danced and applauded like children!
We also stopped by Goisern town –Hubert von Goisern’s hometown ... Like the Bremen Musicians and Hubert from Goisern ... Goisern - fantastic place with mountain lakes and ancient churches! The freshest beer, the purest air, people smiling! Karandila heating up the atmosphere!
Another notable place where we put out our tent and gathered the audience was the ground under the walls of Mauthausen concentration camp. The story behind the creation of this concentration camp is very intriguing. Mauthausen was built by Adolf Hitler next to Linz despite the fact that, in Linz, he spent all his childhood and wanted to make this city a role-model in the architectural sense of it. Perhaps the construction of Mauthausen concentration camp on the outskirts of his native city of Linz decorated in the eyes of Hitler ...
And then followed those 3 unforgettable days of culture and peace, quiet and mountain echoes – Hafenfest'09 and music, music, music - from the fierce anti-globalization Haydamaky to a German of Indian origin Xavier Naidoo, from the grandparents of German rock - BOP group to thrash-pop diva of Romania, Loredana Groza ...
The audience mainly in the Balzac age was very decent, not drinking till black out and “joints” – all absorbed the love that Hubert and his excellent team radiated.
The following day after the Fest – rain pouring ... and us, fly away, crying, did not want to leave the country of music, culture and freedom; didn’t want to go back to where the number of events sums up next to zero ...
I really want to believe that we still have everything ahead, yet to begin ...
Thanks to Hubert, due to him we know what to strive for! “

Text - Roman Iagupov, editor - Tanya Slavova, translation - Liuba Perciun.

Photos by Igor Buzurniuc – in Media/Photo

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