"Zdob ?i Zdub" give out a concert at Europe Day in Moldova

For the first time the Delegation of the European Commission to Moldova welcomes wide public to join the celebrations of Europe Day in a large scale event. Organized on the 10th of May, Europe Day is an occasion to bring Europe and European values closer to Moldovan citizens.

Festivities will start on Sunday, the 10th of May, 15.00 on the National Opera Square with a European Fair, where all EU-funded projects will host stands to call attention to Moldova-EU cooperation and continue with an outstanding concert.

For this purpose, around 30 tents of various EU funded projects in Moldova will be assembled on the National Opera Square.

Starting with 19.00 Moldovan singers known for having brought Moldova to Europe through the Eurovision song contest will perform: Natalia Barbu, Natalia Gordienco, Geta Burlacu. Next to them will sing Sun Stroke Project, Olia Tira and Alexa. The concert will be finalized by a live performance of Snails and notorious Zdob si Zdub.

For the first time Europe Day was celebrated in Moldova in 2006. In European countries, Europe Day is marked on 9 May in order to commemorate the Schuman Declaration, which is believed to be one of the founding blocks of today's European Union. Europe Day has become one of the symbols of the European Union, along with the flag, the anthem, the motto and the single currency, the euro, identifies the political entity of the European Union.
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