January Chin-Music

January Chin-Music
January Chin-Music
The New Year, as we promised, started out quite active and with a bang!

The first and a very important concert, took place on the 8th of January in Serbia where we opened the cinema and music festival of Emir Kusturica "Kustendorf". Kustendorf Film and Music festival is much more than what its name promises. It is the demonstration that, even nowadays, a utopia can exist.
Everything there was unique and extraordinary. A place that nourishes itself with beauty, originality and passion. A place open to young artists from all around the world that have the possibility to meet each other, to see and hear each others’ work, to listen and speak with great international artists.
Photos from the festival can be found in Media/Photo

After our home return, we set up in the studio rehearsing for the important upcoming concert – first in Chisinau and the following Europe Tour.
Next, we will publish the impressions regarding the Chisinau concert posted on the official Zdob [shi] Zdub forum by a resident and fan, Laura Bagrii:

"Since I saw the commercial on TV saying that Chisinau Beer organizes the Zdub's concert, already then I saw myself there. And so it was. Since morning I've been having an emotional rollercoaster, especially due to the fact that I missed out on their last concert the previous year.
Then, finally, I stood at the place of honor, meaning precisely in the middle of dance floor, where the energy was the most dominating. I heard and felt Valerica's trumpet, so close he was, and regarding Roman, I am at a loss of words, how many exchanges of positivism took place. The energy poured continuously, positive energy and the state of euphoria, nirvana, trance, everything you want … I felt all of them yesterday.
So let's begin …
Take a deep breath and listen, read, inhale the zdubism through words and give this happiness forward. STAAART!
The concert started around 20.30, although it was supposed to start at 19. The waiting was worth it. Worth it, worth it and worth it again …
The presenter (A. Shishkin) gave a start with an Elvis Presley song, "Love me tender", and announced that this concert is: "ANTI ... ANTI >>>> ANTI WHAT DO YOU THINK? "ANTIGLAMOUR" AND ANTICRISIS, but more Antiglamour". Roman was also wearing this sort of T-shirt, a yellow one, with a picture of a Moldovan girl holding a basket in her hands and a written below "Antiglamour".
The concert started, the vibration of excitement was felt thorough the hall.
It began with "Hora Cosmica"(not with "Cuculetul", as usual … ) Next, followed the song in Russian about Ileana (Balcanica) … There were also "Tractorul", "Nunta extremala", "Zdubii bateti tare", "DJ Vasile", "Everybody in the casa mare" … even "Maria blues".
Together with my friend, I was jumping like crazy, and then Roman screamed in the microphone "Let's make a shooooowww!" …
Certainly, the answer was "Yeeeee and uhuuuu" … And, less than in a second, I saw Roman's held out hand which dragged me on stage…
Was I happy, don't you think? … I say - yeah!!! I don't remember what song it was exactly, but I remember me dancing ecstatic. And as I was saying … Where do you think was the most positive energy? Yes, near us …
We created a little hora on the stage and "Da-i foiala cu scanteeeeiii!" (Let's party with fiery sparks!).
I never thought I would ever be on one stage with them, near them, but I think it was a hidden wish of mine which flared up last night.
After our multinational Moldovan hora has ended, I thanked Roman.
At "Videli Noci" we jumped into the crowd and made a big hora on the dance floor and in that big one there were a lot of little horas.
A Zdob [shi] Zdub concert is the best remedy; it isn't just anti-crisis, anti-glamour, but also anti-depression, anti-war and is more pro-peace, pro-love, pro-Moldova … in a nutshell "HAPPY ROCK'N'ROLL!" – back to the name on the poster which, I too, got hold of.
Everything was much better than we expected.
There were two girls in the back vocal Olga and Aliona. Their singing and dancing was excellent.
When giving autographs, Roman was very quiet and beaming, and had the patience to everybody … Surely, we too got a hold of autographs and pictures.
So … the outcome of the concert for me was:
A humongous doze of positive energy, along with happiness, joy and muscle fever, pictures, video, life time memories and "flower from Roman", given to me after the on-stage-hora.
Superb, no? Ow yeah …I forgot to mention the positive energy produces by the clapping, and even better – the trampling of the fans which I've never heard, because all the Zdubs concert I've been to were in open air. But this one was in House of Culture of Railway Men ...

Laura Bagrii."

On the following day of the Chisinau concert, the Europe tour and club A-38 was awaiting us in Budapest, Hungary. The countries, cities, club concert stages, airplanes, trains, busses kept changing … all of them escorted by the flu which we caught back in Chisinau, but our energy and moods was restored by the atmosphere of the clubs.
A first for us was concerting in Prague, in "Rock Caf?" club. The premier was a success. After the show we received invitations for 2 light summer festivals in the Czech Republic.
In this tour, besides concerting in rock clubs, the organizers offered us the possibilities to give a couple of shows at ethno-jazz clubs. In these places artists such as Marcus Miller Marcus Miller, Joe Zavinul, Richard Galliano, Tinariwen … held their concerts. These clubs posses a special atmosphere and design, and the public are wiser …For example, in the “Moods” club in Zurich, people sitting like aristocrats having a cocktail, rushed to enjoy a our Balkan rhythms …
We also visited the motherland of our friend Hubert von Goinsern – Salzburg, where Hubert was invited to our concert at "Rockhouse" club.
In our closing Europe tour "Ethnomecanica Europe Tour 2009", we have visited 5 countries, held 9 concerts during the 10 days of being in Europe and the schedule includes countries such as Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

This tour was easier than the April one, we sang it in one go, gathered a lot of creative ideas which we will be working on in the studio!

Our next Europe tour this year is planned to take place it October-November.
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