Fest - Summer - 2008

Fest - Summer - 2008
Fest - Summer - 2008
Good time of the day to you!

Let us take a look at what happened this summer...

First of all, we’ll remind you that in March 2008 we had a release of our “Ethnomecanica” album in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

After the promo tour in April, our German booking agency “Agents-4-Music” arranged our first “tour of summer festivals” around Europe. The geography of our concerts enlarged, also owing to the bordering countries.

The event schedule of this summer contained 29 concerts: 4 of them (2 in Romania, 1 in Ukraine and 1 in Italy) were cancelled due to the accident, 9 concerts held in Germany, 3 - in Switzerland, 4 - in Moscow and 2 in Russia – Krasnoyarsk and Rostov on Don. We also visited Ukraine, Lithuania, Serbia, Belgium and the Netherlands for concerts. 17 of these events were festivals.
The beginning of the summer proved to be rich in many ways. Our tour bus had a heavy accident. Everyone is alive and kicking, but, unfortunately, 4 concerts were cancelled. We took some time after the accident to recover and rest our spirits for a little while.

Thank you, our Dearest, for the offered support and understanding, fidelity and attention!

After a bountiful summer with festivals on the European continent, our “notes on the road” finally took a form of electronic letters. Thus, Ladies and Gentlemen, we invite you to go on a tour with us – all our summer impressions in one text...

Check your seatbelts, the ride can be bumpy and ... let the adventure begin!
“Jahninselfest” in Regensburg, Germany and “Festival Mundial” in Tilburg, the Netherlands were the first festivals in our summer program. Once again we assured ourselves of how great is the feeling of singing on stage and feel the crazy drive.
Next, followed the hot topic of every gossip, sport news site and shows... The event everybody was waiting for and a lot of work was put into by our and local organizers - “EURO-2008: Romania – the Netherlands” match in Bern, Switzerland. In the lines of the supporters, the mood was explosive and we heated them up some more ... you imagine it... The vibes were high, lots of beer, wherever you threw a look in Stade de Suisse, all you could see was merry commotion, the Romanian tricolour to which latter the Netherland colours joined for the mega fun!
We played with our old friends – the Cheaif and Aria bands – at “Staryi Melnic” Rock-Festival in Rostov on Don, Russia. After the concert, we celebrated the birthday of Vladimir Shahrin.
On the 27th “Tuborg Festival” took place in Romania – a beer festival with a tradition of 10 years in the central square of Bucharest, on the opposite side of “Ceausescu Palace” hosting about 10 thousand people.
At the beginning of June, we boarded “Brandner 4” to rejoin the second part of “Linz Europe Tour” in 2008, only this time to the western side of the Danube river. Yet again we saw our well known Hubert von Goisern, his debonair band and the “Brandners”’s crew. We sided along with participants of the western tour like us, Karandila and Rambo Amadeus, in Ulm. Although Hubert had a tough experience recovering from his illness, we managed to give out 2 concerts in Ulm City on the 7th and 8th of July. A big surprise was waiting for us in Karlsruhe when we sang together with a recovered and hyper brisk Hubert the song from our collaboration - „Koa Hiatamadl”. On the first day of September the ship boarded its mother land, Linz.
This year’s Linz Tour has just ended, but Hubert is looking for the next year already. Here are the thoughts of the Austrian musician from his logbook on the official site: “After a summer full of musical exchanges and adventures, the second stage of the Linz Europe Tour has now drawn to an end. On the 31st, my band and I played the final concert of the Linz Europe Tour West of this year, which led us all the way to the North Sea and back again, in Passau. [...] Look ahead to the grand finale: the harbour festival next summer in the Capital of Culture 2009, Linz”
Another important event we took part in for the first time, in between the “Linz Europe Tour 2008” concerts, was “Exit Festival” in Serbia. Like other youth event, it impressed us with its creative ways and the floating spirit of freedom. “Exit” has already become a well-known tradition among youths and takes place in an old castle on the benches of the Danube River in Novy Sad City. We gave the concert on the first day of the festival, the 10th of July, on Fusion Stage while on the Main Stage, N.E.R.D. and The Streets were heating the show.
On the 1st of August, we gave out a concert in Belgium, Ciney at “Esperanzah!” Festival. The event lasted for 3 days, but we were programmed as head liners on the 1st day. Amazingly, on the first day of the festival, it gathered about 8000 people, the organization was good and the action developed on 2 valleys with an intriguing view that surround the Floreffe Abbey. Our performance at “Esperanzah!” was, probably, the best one during this summer. The atmosphere was wonderful and we haven’t seen such a grateful public for some time now. Thus, we strongly recommend those who is going to Belgium in the beginning of August – you must see this show with great traditions.
Next day, the 2nd of August, followed the “Samsteg Horizonte Festival” in Koblenz, Germany. If earlier we opened the events, at “S.H.F.” we “were closing” the festival and we would like to add that the place chosen for this event was marvellous, the view was imbued with an air of magic and historical importance with a touch of evilness to it. Near, Kurtine Castles is located reminding the home of Count Dracula – an old castle covered in bloody red sunlight and a lot of people wherever you take a look... During this event, meeting with the “Rolling Stones of Sahara”, Tinariwen was a big surprise for our band. Their live show was most impressive!
Traditional for us is the performance at the beach festival in Costinesti, on the shores of the Black Sea in Romania. This year it took place on the 5th of August.
“Be2Gether Open Air” festival awaited us on the 16th of July in Norviliskes Castle, Lithuania. An unpleasant conclusion we made for ourselves was that in spite a good planned infrastructure, the stage work organization of the festival, softly said, left us wishing for more. In the end, the performance time offered to us was so little that we hardly could play a half of our program show. And again airplanes, flights, a long way through mountains to reach our final destination – City of Gampel. What left its mark was the terrific view of the white peaks of the mountains surrounding the huge concert stage with a capacity of 50 thousand people. It was a memorable experience and very inspiring as for the artists, the same for the public.
Lastly, the final concert of this summer became Ethno-Rock Music Festival "Этнопланета"(Ethno-planet) which took place in Green Theatre of Gorky Park, Moscow. This international festival under the mark of “friendship of nations” was organized at a good level and gathered a lot of people – a fact which pleased us very much. Similar to us, as headliners of the festival, performed “Пелагея” (Pelageya) and"Дети Picasso"(Picasso’s Children). For our band, “Этнопланета” (Ethno-planet) became the opportune closing concert for our summer festival season, also we had a nice chance to see some good musician friends of ours and enjoy the nostalgic feeling after seeing our old fans.
The European summer festival traditions are uncountable. We appreciate this fact especially, in case the festival has over 3 years of existence, meaning that the level of organization becomes more and more professional and the public welcomes bands-beginners and international famous artists with the same warmth and energy.
Beside the perfect chance to “feel” an unknown to us public, we have the chance to watch and listen to other participants of the festival. In the Western Europe, most of the bands consider their music a hobby and play for their friends, but also they make great performances, creating a unique and irreplaceable feeling for every festival. In the boarding countries – Romania and Ukraine – similar, international festivals are held regularly, in which, for a long time now, world famous stars take part. In our republic, this summer was quite peaceful. There were no festivals, and it seems that anybody wants nothing. It’s a shame that in our home land nobody wants us ... it just might be true, that Moldova really has become the country of pensioners, who don’t need Rock-n-Roll at all? There’s something wrong here, buddy...

A little statistics: this summer we took 44 flights, travelled 11700 km on terestral transport/on land, visited 11 countries and passed 74 customs.

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