Ethnomecanica – not our album, but a homonym festival!

Ethnomecanica – not our album, but a homonym festival!

International Festival of Cultural Art “Ethnomecanica” is organized by “Sergey Kuryokhin” Charity Fund during the period of 25 – 28 of September in the Modern Art Centre “Sergey Kuryokhin” located in Sankt Petersburg, Russia.

Although the festival takes place for the first, it is already nominated to become one of the most important events in the cultural life in Sankt Petersburg.

The event hosts artists from different countries, including Russia. Music is not the only activity during the festival, it also includes various performances and documentary and artistic movies.

Bands and artists such as Zdob shi Zdub (Moldova), General Levy (Jamaica, Great Britain) & G-Force Sound (Germany), Orange Blossom (France), Alamaailman Vasarat (Finland), Vadjra – dances and chants of Tibetan monks from Phiyang monastery(Ladakh, India), Sebryanaya Svadiba (Belarus), Mangar (Buryatia), Psoi Korolenco (Moscow), Garik Osypov (Moscow), Lia Minor (Sankt Petersburg), Iva Nova (Sankt Petersburg), Nervenklinik (Sankt Petersburg), Volga (Moscow), Belorybitsa (Sankt Petersburg), Ptytsa Tyloburdo (Izhevsk), Swing Couture (Sankt Petersburg), Atlantida (Sankt Petersburg),leha Ciykanas (Belarus), DJ Dr. Ethno aka Nazim Nadimov (Moscow), Vereya (Sankt Petersburg), Opa Noviy God (Sankt Petersburg), DJ Slava Shalygyn and others announced of their taking part in the festival.

Following is the timetable of the festival day the Zdubes will perform:

27th September 2008

Big Stage

20-00 Nevrenklinik (Sankt Petersburg)
21-15 Skazy Lesa (Sankt Petersburg)
22-45 Alamaailman Vasarat (Finland)
01-15 Zdob shi Zdub (Moldova)
02-00 Swing Couture (Sankt Petersburg)
03-30 Opa Nozyi God (Sankt Petersburg)
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