"Linz Europe Tour - 2008“

The second part of our adventure in Hubert von Goisern’s project, „Linz Europe Tour” has ended.
Although Hubert had a tough experience recovering from his illness, we gave out 2 concerts in Ulm. Then, in Karlsruhe, together with the recovered Hubert, we sang „Koa Hiatamadl”.
From the logbook of Hubert von Goisern, ( 22.07.2008:
“ [Already recovered from the illness, I eagerly expect] the expressive sounds from southeast Europe band [Zdob si Zdub] bring the promise of an unusual concert evening tonight, 22nd July.
The same day - a year earlier. In 2007 the flotilla was going downstream on the Danube in Romania on the "Linz Europe Tour“. A few days later a musical firework was set off in the Ukrainian town of Ismajil. The energetic mix of the Moldovans ZDOB SI ZDUB playing together with HvG and band sent the audience at the end of the Danube wild.
Together with Zdob Si Zdub an ironic Balkan version of "Koa Hiatamadl“ was also recorded on CD. Today the six musicians from Moldova [with their director Igor Dinga] will be coming on board for the first Rhine concert."
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Linz Europe Tour West – concert schedule modifications

3 concerts with the participation of Hubert von Goisern in the Linz Europe Tour West had been temporarily halted.
These modifications are due to the fact that Hubert von Goisern is now ill (the doctors diagnose – pneumonia), thus he must rest for a week and regain his energy.
This also means that yesterday’s concert in Ulm was held without the musician’s participation, but nevertheless Zdob si Zdub held the concert and will give out today’s show as a headliner band, also in Ulm, alongside with two other bands, participants of Linz Europe Tour 2007 East.
The Karlsruhe concert, unfortunately, will be postponed on a later date, approximately on the 22nd of July, but till the 17th of July Hubert von Goisern is planning to retake his concert program and participate in the Stuttgart concert.
The Zdubes continue their summer festival journey; on the 10th of July they will take part in the "Exit Festival" held in Novii Sad, Serbia, heading next to "Soma Festival" in Koln, Germany, on the 12th of July.
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