17.04.2008 - online concert!  - online concert!
Our next “Ethnomecanica Europe Tour 2008” concert will take place in Hamburg on the 18thof April. You can enjoy the concert without leaving the town and your house!

Access or visit on April, 18th at 22.00 local hour and watch it online.

The Live stream is offered by our Berlin PR agency, Revolver Promotion.

Chisinau hosts the final concert of the Europe tour 2008

Our "Europe Tour 2008" in support of our album „Ethnomecanica” release in the Germany, Austria and Switzerland takes place in April and ends with a concert in our hometown Chisinau.

The Russian club B2 in Moscow was the starting point of our tour, then we had a concert in Timisoara, and according to our tour schedule we head to Hungary, Austria, Germany and Denmark...

On the 28th of April we return to Chisinau and hold the closing concert on the 29th of April. The concert starts at 21.00 and takes place at the recently opened „Bier Platz” (previously known as „The La Victor Club”) located on 55th Eminescu str.

The tickets are available 10 days before the concert, meaning starting the 19th of April.
The cost of the ticket bought before hand is 100 MDL,
the cost of the ticket at the entrance to the concert – 125 MDL.

The concert is organized by „Cuibul” SRM.

Ticket reservation: 22-91-63
Additional information: 065006792

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