We are on TV. Russia.

We are on TV. Russia.
We are on TV. Russia.
5 songs on Channel 5, program shootings in Saint Petersburg.
Famous artists are invited as guests of the program to play live 5 songs.
First song they play is their own hit, other 3 they choose in advance from their favorite musicians’ repertoire. And the last one they play is the song, which the viewers of the show choose during the shootings.
We have participated in this program, and you can watch it on Channel 5 on the 9th of March, at 10 PM.
Enjoy the show!
Click here for details:

Photo by Sasha Antonova & Luminita Ciobanu.

Channel TV Centre, Russia, the show “Just tonight”.
You can watch this show with our participation on TV Centre on March, 6, at 00:20 AM (Moscow time).
An hour of discussion and an hour of live concert, you can see details here:
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