Again us, here and there…

Again us, here and there…
Yes, what ever you may say, but July and the beginning of August were very “juicy” for us! Now we managed to squeeze in a week of rest in our program, then we return on “the battle field”: Independence Day, City Day, Miner Day… We should invent a holiday for us – the Ethno-Rock’n’Roll Day! But we’ll say about this later… we have grandiose plans and we would like to hope that they will come true!

But for now – a review of the concerts held in the frame of some projects and festivals.

A lot has been written about B’estival, but we didn’t say anything yet. Indeed – a variety of music styles, diverse public, good organization (with some exceptions). The time of our singing wasn’t the best; the sun was too generous that day. But a lot of people came to listen to us and we say “thanks” to all of them! It was a pleasure to listen Marilyn Manson live, although we expected more. Mihai didn’t hesitate to ask for an autograph… you’ll be able to see it in the future “Zdob si Zdub” museum.

The part of the “Linz Europa Tour 2007-2009” project, in which we participated in came to an end – the preparations and the shows (Galati (Romania) and Ismail (Ukraine)) full of emotions are history now. Alike all the events on European level, this one was very interesting for us, sometimes surprising for the Austrian musicians in front with Hubert von Goisern and for you – cognitive and, hopefully, thrilling.

We would like to remind you that the Linz Tour was initiated not only to simply sail on Danube, but firstly to get closely acquainted with the Danubian countries and with the people (to be read – musicians) that live an create there. Hubert von Goisern was interested to play together with the local artists, to communicate with them, to perceive the spirit of every country and artist. All these attracted us, too – so, we came on board one day before the concert in Galati. We had time to rest and to communicate by means of music and gestures. We managed to relax so much, that during the night somebody almost submerged the barracks ship where were peacefully sleeping the Austrian musicians… Thanks God, all are ok, just that everybody got seriously frightened. To clarify this situation we didn’t manage…

In order to not deliver the mood of the Galati and Ismail concerts only from our perspective, we decided to bring some quotes from the board journal of Hubert von Goisern.
This is what he wrote:
„the concert yesterday was a success. zdob si zdub played energetically and we didn't let anything slip either. roman, singer and "shaman" brought me little dried fish threaded on a cord from crimea. a delicacy. the audience was large, perhaps the biggest so far. and there were no problems with adjustment as far as our music was concerned either. we felt very much at home. afterwards we sat together for a long time, drank wine and beer and made plans for the next day, that is for today.
today will be a particular challenge. for the first and only time we have two guest bands on board, haydamaky and zdob si zdub. it’s going to be a huge effort, both in technical and human terms. and on top of that the significance of the event here in ismail. mayor, city councillors, television and an aeroplane with 20 media representatives is coming from austria... “

Songs in Romanian, Ukrainian, German, Russian, and Tyrolese singings of Hubert sounded over Danube during the concert in Ismail. Instead of Osoianu Sisters, the members of the Hubert von Goisern band sang and played on violin in the Zdubs “Miorita”. No obstacle came in the way of the concert!

It was the show of the year for us!

We returned to our dear city – Chisinau, and on the 28th of July, we participated in the “Staryi Melnik” Festival. Here a huge disappointment awaited for us, just like the previous year. Unfortunately this is how it was. Because of the non-professionalism of the festival organizers, we were forced to cut down from our concert time in the Russian artists’ favor, otherwise the police would’ve switch off the light. This doesn’t look like a serious rock festival, but like a clandestine underground concert at the end of ‘80s. All these are inadmissible for us – a leading band from Moldova. There was no other place where we had confronted this type of problems. It was insulting for us to not have the possibility to play a dignified concert in our native city.

The “Peninsula” Festival in Targu-Mures, Romania, on the 29th of July, followed. This was our fourth participation in this festival. A pleasant sensation! Excellent equipment, friendly staff, good organization! Besides these, before us a very lively band played and warmed up the public – “The Exploited”. It was a great pleasure to look at Mihai while on stage – he was irradiating – the festival had the right public! (we recommend you to read the following interview (it is in Romanian) -

Finally, Bacau (Romania), August, 4-5 - „Romanian Top Hits 2007”, where we were nominated in the category „Rock – Best Hit – 2007”, together with Directia 5, Animal X, Holograf and Voltaj. A huge stage was installed opposite to the Cathedral. And, as it is characteristic for all the events of this type, organizational problems appeared. In the evening it became pretty cool, but we were kept outside before the concert… this wasn’t a pleasure for us. Our singing was somehow reticent, till the public warmed us up. We won, although we split the award with the band “Animal X”.

Photos from the Galati and Ismail concert see in Media/Photo

We are on vacation now, till the 16th of August. The next concerts will take place on the Romanian seaside – in Costinesti and Vama Veche („Stufstock Greenfest”). Keep on rockin’!

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