Concert in Ismail. Part 2.

Here are the promised details.
Do you want to come to Ismail, to the concert held in the frame of the “Linz Europe Tour” project? Send us the answer to the question “What bands, besides “Zdob si Zdub”, will play on the stage-deck that will anchor in “Morvokzal”, Ismail, on June, 26?” to the e-mail address, till June, 18, indicating your name and telephone number. And maybe you’ll be the one to come with us to Ismail.
Don’t forget your passport!

LINZ EUROPE TOUR – concert in Ismail

LINZ EUROPE TOUR – concert in Ismail
After the successful opening of the project “Linz Europe Tour”, which took place on a Danubian island from Vienna at Donauinselfest and where we held a concert on the background of natural special effects, like the storm, the squally wind and the downpour, our show in the frame of this international project continues.
The next anchoring of our Austrian friends’ deck, with our participation, will be on June, 24, in Romania, Galati, Danube Esplanade.
We perfectly understand that the visa regime would be an obstacle for the Moldovan citizens that would like to go to Galati. More accessible is the next date – June, 26 – the concert in Ismail, Ukraine.
In this city the stage-deck will stop in “Morvokzal”, where in the evening Hubert von Goisern (Austria), Gaydamaki (Ukraine) and we (Zdob si Zdub) will start the action. You might be a part of it.
The representative of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Moldova participated in the press conference with the organizers of the “Linz Europe Tour” (which took place in March) and he promised that the Ministry will offer two buses (one for journalists, another for our fans) for the trip to Ismail.
The details concerning the trip will be announced soon – follow our news.

The huge interview

The huge interview
Hi everybody!
In the Press section we published your questions and our answers.
Yes, it finally happened! We are sorry, but for now we have only the Romanian and Russian version of the interview. We are working on the English one.

We received emails from Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovak Republic, Israel… and we answered more then 100 questions!

It was difficult to designate the winner of our improvised contest, because all the questions were interesting in their own way… but the most original and diverse questions were put by Irina Chiribuca from Pipera, Romania. The “Zdob si Zdub – Ethnomecanica” T-Shirt goes to her! Congratulations!
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