The adventures of the brave Austrian musician or blame it on “Zdob si Zdub”!

The adventures of the brave Austrian musician or blame it on “Zdob si Zdub”!
The adventures of the brave Austrian musician or blame it on “Zdob si Zdub”!
Our Austrian friends – the musician Hubert von Goisern, the producer Wolfgang Spannberger and the director-operator Markus Wogrolly (the film production company “Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion” GmbH and the Austrian national television ORF will make a film about the “Linz Tour 2007-2009” project – there was something to be filmed in Moldova! Shortly, you’ll be convinced about this), visited Moldova. The aims of their visit were to get acquainted with “Zdob si Zdub”, to have some rehearsals with them, to go to the Moldovan part of the Danube. But also …
they came for … yes-yes… for the melodious music of the forests, for the dances and songs of the village children, for the love to live of the villagers, for the kids and lambs from Valeni, for the wine vapors from Milestii Mici winery, for the traditional Moldovan food, for the Nistru and Danube sceneries…
Sunday (March, 18) – “from the ship to the ball”, namely, from the airport to the opening of a jazz club.
Monday–Thursday (March, 19-20). Rehearsals with “Zdob si Zdub” – Hubert: “a great pleasure – our souls are related… from the musical and way of life and thinking points of view”.
Sometimes they take a break… the press conference (March, 20) – we would like to tell the journalists (thus, to all the people) about the Danubian project.
Wednesday (March, 21). Hurray! – Valeni. The Bejenaru family (Boonika & Boonelul (Grandma & Grandpa)) welcome one more time guests from abroad.
On the way to Valeni, the musicians managed to lose their way… this is how they are – the people of arts! The producer and the spiritual mentor of Hubert – Wolfgang, was discovering the Moldovan roads (he was the driver). The trip to Valeni with Roman Iagupov was very productive. They heard, saw and found out many things! Lidia and Tudor Bejenaru, being already used to big and lively groups of foreigners, accompanied by “Zdob si Zdub”, prepared for their guests a real cultural program, with music and dances. Boonika’s house reminded Hubert of the house of his grandma.
A small Valenian dog easily bit Hubert: “why all of them are wandering around here?”.
Uncle Tudor Ajder makes pipes out of the wood of different trees. He lives on the bank of the Prut river, not far from the Giurgiulesti port. This way, one can see Danube from his courtyard! So, from Valeni to Uncle Ajder! In uncle’s veranda an improvised jam session took place. Boonelul was beating the drum in an authentic Moldovan rhythm and Hubert, being impressed by the sound, took his accordion and accompanied our Grandpa. Roman started to sing and shortly everybody was singing. This union radiated a very special energy. After this musical pause – on the road again. We made a quick stop in the Giurgiulesti port, where we took a look over the Moldovan Danube.
The same day, in the evening, being back to Chisinau, our delegation visited the “Silver Rain Moldova” radio station. Yes, Roman Iagupov and Serghei Brovco are doing the “All this is rock’n’roll” radio show, that is on air every Wednesday, at 10 pm. This time, Hubert also participated. Being asked what does rock’n’roll mean for him, Hubert answered that he associates rock’n’roll with sex…and sex is something you always want. Then, a great Hubert’s song followed.
Next day, in the morning, Hubert gave more details about the “Linz Tour” project in an interview at radio BBC.
Thursday (March, 22) – the Zdub's rehearsal room! We are glad to announce that this creative collaboration will result with another visit of our Austrian friends. This will happen in April, when Hubert von Goisern and “Zdob si Zdub” will record the music they created these days… the music that will also sound on Danube!
Friday (March, 23) – the well deserved rest on the bank of Nistru river and the visit to Transnistria. Afterwards – the airport and “Good Bye, Moldova!”.
Wolfgang: “The brightest impressions – everything that happened in Zdub's dark rehearsal room. If we had more time for traveling around Moldova, we would have told you more. Anyway, everything was just great!”
The photos took by Wolfgang are in the Media/Photo.
Here the singing flows well and easily! And when the ethno in the style of the Austrian highlander intertwines with the Zdubs’ ethno–rock’n’roll and seeps from the rehearsal room, you simply stay still, listen and wish that this music would last forever.
Yes, we can foresee that the “Linz Tour” will be very interesting. Yes, the scene will be special: the concerts will be held on the ship’s deck, but the audience will gather on the Danube’s bank and enjoy the concerts. A great event is guaranteed! Nevertheless, it seems that the most intriguing part of the tour is its preparation. This is the real show that tests musician’s imagination and gives birth to the most interesting experiments.

Zdob si Zdub will sound as Danube river music.

Zdob si Zdub will sound as Danube river music.
Zdob si Zdub will sound as Danube river music.
A new project is coming - the “cultural eastward enlargement“ takes place, the merging of the culturally significant Danube region.
The project “Linz Tour 2007-2009” will be carried by the Austrian musician Hubert von Goisern. He is deemed to be the founder of alpine rock. His projects and tours always stand for cultural exchange between musicians, to break through barriers of origin, skin color or language.

The Project “Linz Tour 2007-2009” will encourage and consolidate the partnership of the regions along the 2889 kilometer long river Danube, the longest in Europe. It stands for the exchange between the cultural protagonists and the people in the neighboring countries along the Danube.
Upstream, the deck of “Linz Tour 2007-2009” will become a stage. The stage boat will dock in 20 harbors. Goisern and his new friends will play concerts – huge concerts. No two performances will be the same. Each one will learn from the previous one. While the ship lands in Linz – after stopovers in Ismail, Tulcea, Braila, at the Iron Gate, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Bratislava, Vienna – the summer of 2007 will be over.
One year later, the expedition ship will go west. This time, its route leads to Passau, Regensburg, the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal up to Rotterdam and then back, with a completely different crop of European experiences. What will the Basel chemistry tell an acoustic bass? How will the Alsatian dialect sound in the wind instruments?
Accompanying side projects are being planned, such as comprehensive media co-operation, for example with O1 Austrian Cultural Radio and partner radio stations in the respective countries, on-line web-video, in addition to a cinema film in co-operation with one of the leading Austrian film production companies, as well as co-production partners in the respective countries.
Jan Figel - member of the European Commission said, that “it was with interest that I noticed your project to explore the Danube in the scope of a musical-cultural expedition and to transform a disused ship into a stage for artists from the various countries. Such projects can be seen as a concrete realization of the EU motto “united in variety”, which appropriately expresses many cultures, traditions and languages of Europe”.
“Cuibul” Musical Association will present this project in Republic of Moldova and the band “Zdob si Zdub” will participate in the Danube musical expedition.
“Zdob si Zdub” will perform in three concerts – Ismail, Tulcea and Braila, at the end of July/beginning of August 2007. The band “Gaidamaki”, Ukrainian rockers, will perform in Ismail. Loredana Groza will represent Romania.
Hubert von Goisern will visit Chisinau on the 19th and 20th of March 2007. He wants to get acquainted with “Zdob si Zdub”, Chisinau and its people.
Hubert: I want to get to know south east Europe, the region, the people, the music, their food, to develop my understanding of it. It's about extending my circle of friends. Their music is unfamiliar to me. And nevertheless I feel and know that there are unbelievable musicians there, who have an almost daunting virtuosity.

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