How to find out everything about Zdob si Zdub and how to receive a gift!

How to find out everything about Zdob si Zdub and how to receive a gift!
How to find out everything about Zdob si Zdub and how to receive a gift!

Dear friends, for a long time you didn’t have the chance to get sincere answers to questions relating to “Zdob si Zdub”. We will be glad to receive your emails!
Send your questions to the following e-mail address till February, 4. Include the key-word “Batuta” in the subject of your email. We will select the most interesting and original questions and we will give an answer to them. Then the result will be published on our site, in Media/Interview section.
Don’t forget to specify your name and your location, also, tell us something about you, because the authors of the questions will be mentioned in the interview.
This refers to everybody! Write us! The person that will put the most original question will be awarded with a gift – a T-Shirt from “Zdob si Zdub”.
Those that live in Republic of Moldova, also can participate in the contest organized by ProFM and “Zdob si Zdub” from 22.01.2007 till 18.02.2007. In order to do this, you have to buy the “Ethnomecanica” CD that is sold in the specialized stores, to send an SMS to 0301* with the number of the hologram of your CD and with the number of your contact telephone. The more short messages you send, the bigger is your chance to win a music center from ProFM and souvenirs from “Zdob si Zdub”.

* GSM operators – Moldcell and Voxtel; the price of a SMS – 0,5 USM without VAT.

Happy New "Ethnomecanic" Year!

Happy New
Happy New
Happy New Year, dear friends!
The band “Zdob si Zdub” wishes you a mega-efficient new year, wealth and wine in plenty… live long and be glad together with us… thank you for having been with us during the 2006 year that was beautiful as the blossoming sweet cherry tree and we promise you that “the cart goes on” in 2007.
Let’s see how Zdubs finished a 2006 of ethno-rock.
On December, 28, 2006, the band “Zdob si Zdub” released their album “Ethnomecanica” in Chisinau. An event that will stay long time in the hearts and ear drums of the fans. For those that didn’t manage to be there and for those that will come to the show in another city – here is a short retrospect of the “Ethnomecanica” release and a photo-reportage in Media/Photo.
The show took place in LeoGrand Convention Center – a spacious place where everybody nearly fit in. A fanfare welcomed our guests at the entrance. The program started in an unexpected way – the entire family Bejenaru, headed by Boonika (the one that beat the drum at Eurovision 2005), appeared in front of the audience. They sang, they danced and wished us a good new year. Then, somewhere from the audience, Valerica’s trumpet was heard. He was followed by Victor Dandes and the brass band. And so, the first song from the album – “Batuta” – resounded.
Next – a short ethno-presentation of the album, made by Nata Albot from ProFM. Zdubs began the show – the debauch began! The extra-energetic set of “ethnomecanica” lasted almost two hours. The audience got excited with every chord, gradually becoming a single body. Zdubs presented a mature and well thought show, with dancers (at “Nunta Extremala” and “Cuculetul”), special guests: MC Vasile, Osoianu Sisters, Bejenaru Family and an indescribable energy. After the song “Cuculetul”, Roman invited everybody to come closer to the stage and the true rock’n’roll with “hora”s and moshpits began.
Towards the end, together with Osoianu Sisters, Zdubs sang the legendary „In the Deathcar” (Iggy Pop/Goran Bregovic). Afterwards, “Haitura” began and all the show participants came on stage and wished a Happy New Year to all.
Roman tells: “We liked the show; it was something extraordinary, the audience was very responsive and it supported us a lot! At a given moment we didn’t feel the difference between us and those from outside the stage – we were ONE. Great thanks to our general sponsor – “Moldinconbank”, our partners – “Muz-TV” and “Maximum” and our informational partner – “ProFM” .
Happy New year, Dears!

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