Pictures from the East - Zdob si Zdub in Germany

Pictures from the East - Zdob si Zdub in Germany
On 20.10.2006, at 22:00, in Malersaal, Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg, Germany, Zdob si Zdub will participate in the final public presentation “pictures from the East – relations docking tour 01”.
We are invited by “relations” which is a cultural project that, in collaboration with curators, scientists and artists from various regions in Eastern European countries and Germany, is developing a number of projects with the relations between art, politics and history in the particular local context. The “relations” docking tour focuses on seven cities where “relations” has engaged in intensive exchange with cultural actors over the past four years: Chiєinгu, Sofia, Pristina, Sarajevo, Warsaw, Zagreb, and Ljubljana.
More information about the project -
Come to our concert and together we’ll break the imaginary East-West wall.
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