Zdob si Zdub: introducing...

Zdob si Zdub: introducing...
It is not a secret that Moldova is known for its wines and… the band “Zdob si Zdub”.
This was one more time proved by the fact that Michael Palin, the man that films for “BBC-Prime” the most interesting things from Europe and around the world, wanted Zdubs in the chapter “Moldova” of his new documentary film “New Europe”.

Note: Wanderlust Magazine had recently nominated Michael Palin as one of the top ten explorers of all time, and the only one actually alive!

To film a full of life ethno-alternative band, for BBC, namely for the whole world and for the future generations – Michael Palin came with an enviable proposal, which Zdubs accepted gladly. The shooting place was chosen – where else, if not in Valeni, in Grandma’s courtyard, where Zdubs spent a great time last year, after Eurovision?

Zdubs together with Michael Palin and the film crew paid a visit to the big and welcoming Bejenaru family. Zdubs held a spectacular concert, watched by Michael Palin and the team, Bejenaru family and all villagers tempted by the joyful ethno-rock chords.

Michael Palin was fascinated – to see and to film in the same time the authentic folklore and a national celebrity – a 2-in-1 cocktail with all inclusive – dances on a homespun carpet laid in Boonika’s courtyard, lively songs, children’s curious faces, delicious dishes (and just to tease you, we’ll say what was on Bejenaru’s table – fish soup (a lot of fishing in river Prut was done for it), duck with noodles, feta cheese, fresh vegetables from Grandma’s garden and of course wine – everything was homemade!) and a good talk with the Zdubs… There was something to remember!

What Michael Palin saw and filmed will be shown on BBC Prime, in the “New Europe” documentary, in 2007. Till then, have a look in Media/Photo.
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