Festivals’ Season!

Festivals’ Season!
Festivals’ Season!
The Zdubs’ gigantic productivity and the cosmic energy enable them to have an extra-full of shows and concerts program. It is not a wonder that this summer Zdubs were present at almost all the important festivals, beginning with Roskilde Festival (Denmark) and Peninsula (Romania) and recently ending with Krylia (Russia) and Staryi Melnik (Moldova).
So, the concert monograph of the guys from Straseni is enriched with:

20.07.06 – Chisinau, “Moscova” Complex – Summer concert Zdob si Zdub and Cuibul (pure rock’n’roll, as it is said)!
It is very intricate to play at home, Roman says, because here everybody knows us, all our songs were listened for thousands of times and the public is permanently waiting for something new and original. In this case, a concert at home requires three times more preparation and more emotions. Besides these, just before the concert, you get some telephone calls from friends and relatives and your concentration disappears somewhere far away, hiding behind Mars.
In the beginning, this concert was contemplated as a video release (of the song “Miorita”), but, on Roman’s insistence, it became a simple summer concert that charged the public with positive energy for several good weeks.
Around 1400 good people gathered, both, the grown-up generation that came to see once again the idols of their youth, as well as the young generation that was eager for a healthy “doze” of “Zdob si Zdub performance”.
Mister X as a showman (Roman came with the idea to have an absurd person that would speak absurd things; in this case, you forget where you are and you get the pleasure in its pure state, pleads “haiduc” Iagupov), the Osoianu Sisters for back-vocals, the dancers for the song “Maria Blues” and the support of the legendary rock’n’roll-ers from “Cuibul” helped Zdubs to perform a honorable concert.
The performance showed everybody how to make “mamaliga” to boil in the air and the wine to jump on the tongue straight from the jug.
Zdubs ended the show with the cover of the legendary song “In the Deathcar” (Goran Bregovic/Iggy Pop), because, as Roman says, the song is very up-to-date for Moldova’s situation. We are growing up and we understand where we live and what is happening around us. Got the point?

29.07.06 – “Staryi Melnik” Festival, Chisinau, Moldova!
The younger brother of the “Krylia” Festival (English – Wings), “Staryi Melnik” (English – Old Miller), was at its 3rd edition this year. Chisinau was a host for “Staryi Melnik” Festival, which gathered well-known bands, as Bravo, Va-Bank, Nogu Svelo, Pilot and Nocinye Snaipery (Russia) plus Alternosfera, Cuibul (with a successful returning), ExNN, Gandul Matei (Moldova) and this is not all. Twelve hours of drive, beer, good will and rock’n’roll! Headliners – Zdob si Zdub!
Although they played at home, Zdubs were dissatisfied with the show. Firstly, 45 minutes for the headliners is so not enough, secondly – the big distance between the public and the stage (there was a lack of contact with the people and, of course, a lack of feedback that are necessary, especially for such music as ours), thirdly – the organizers’ attitude towards the Moldovan bands (at a moment, Nicu Tarna (Gandul Matei) was not allowed to come to the backstage).
We couldn’t have a normal soundcheck, Roman says, we had the impression that the festival didn’t end after our show, there was no logic end that is more than necessary for a grand festival.
The presence of some bands from Ukraine and Romania would have been very welcomed.
In the end, letting aside the drawbacks of the “Staryi Melnik” 3rd edition, let’s turn to the good part: firstly, a more than active public (that rose tons of dust in the air and shouts of content). Roman and Mihai discussed a lot with A.F.Sklear, the leader of Va-Bank, a good friend of Zdubs and a true rocker. Afterwards, the Zdubs watched with a lot of pleasure the excellent performance of the guys from Va-Bank. It is great that finally we have a festival. When we were teenagers, we didn’t have the possibility to go to festivals, Romans says. There were no such in Moldova and we are glad that now we have one! Rock on!

30.07.06 – Krylia, Tushino, Moscow, Russia!
On the next morning, after “Staryi Melnik”, Zdubs headed to Moscow, in order to participate in one of the hugest festivals of Russia – Krylia! The performance of the bands Ceaif, Cicerina, Auktsion, Mashina Vremeni, Bloodhound Gang, Soulfly! Two days of nonconformist craziness with a public of almost 70.000 people. A festival where you can still feel the echo of the tragic past, Roman says (mentioning the terrorist attack at Krylia from three years ago), but nevertheless it didn’t lose its freedom spirit.
Before the show, the Zdubs offered a “fluier” (Roman bought it in Transilvania five years ago) for the contest organized on the festival’s website. The person that correctly answered to all the questions related to Zdob si Zdub history is a charming lady, Olga Vokina from Novosibirsk.
We liked the performance of the Russian band F.A.Q, Mihai says, and, of course, of Soulfly (Max Cavalera seems to never get old). After Soulfly’s performance, it was funny to see that on stage appears the Russian band Ceaif saying “we are the alternative’s alternative” :)
We put accent on the older songs, but you can do almost nothing in 33 minutes (it was our time), the public just begins to catch the rhythm.
Generally, Zdubs mostly communicated with their friends (Pashtet, Serghei Galanin, A.F.Sklear) from the Russian bands and with the media. The music and the bands on the stage remained only in the public’s attention for this time.
P.S. – I have the impression that a festival would succeed more with fewer bands, this way they will have more time to unfetter the public, Roman says. Out of all the festivals we participated this year, the best ones were from Roskilde (Denmark), Baile Tusnad (Romania) and Krylia (Yekaterinburg, Russia). Nevertheless we are satisfied that we managed to perform in so many places. Zdubs go on and continue to carry the banner of rock’n’roll in the real freedom spirit. Peace boys and girls!
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The most significant concerts in August: 12.08 – Cosmote, Mamaia, RO; 18.08 – Tuborg Fest, Vama Veche, RO; 27.08 – Independence Day, Piata Marii Adunari Nationale, Сhisinau, MD
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