New videos

New videos
New videos
On the eve of the new album release, the band Zdob si Zdub started to create two new videos. After some experiences outside the country’s boards, Zdubs decided to make videos at home (where, according to Roman’s words, “everything that moves in this country, the river, the branch, is a friend only to me”(translation of a M.Eminescu’s verse)…shortly, it is much more simple to film a video at home). Igor Cobileanschi was invited to be the video director.
The first video is for the remake of “Hora Cosmica”. Don’t think that the song lost its spirit; the bacchius thematic of the Bassarabian barrel continues, but for this time Zdubs (probably being embraced by the melancholic spirit) come with new ironic inserts referring to Comrade Gorbaciov and to the prohibition of the nectar of oblivion (namely, wine) in ex-USSR. The remake was recorded…attention!...the instruments were recorded in Frankfurt, the vocal – in Chisinau and the mastering was done in Moscow, Russia. Here is the international anthem of joy!
The idea of the video is as simple as the “mamaliga” served by Zdubs this morning: Mihai falls asleep and dreams Zdob si Zdub’s escapade on Mars, of course with a huge amount of barrels.
Instead of a racket we have a wine-press and this is logic, the wine gives you wings! Martians, being understanding “people”, catch the idea of a Moldovan party and so the planet Mars is transformed into a cosmic tavern. The flying fiddlers couldn’t remain on Mars and so they returned to reality. Do you already see the conceptual idea of the video? But this is not all! Zdubs continue to surprise us and they promise to delight us with animated elements during the “Hora Cosmica” story. The animations are realized at Moscow studio “Voscresenie”.
Zdubs are very productive guys, so, they decided to shoot two rabbits with one bullet: therefore, two videos at one time!
Second Video – Do you recall the song “Ciobaneasca”? Here comes the remake of it with the pastoral title “Miorita”. Don’t even think that this is the same song. “Miorita” comes with a totally new melody line, with lyrics written by Roman and Bogdan Dascal and with an excellent back-vocal from “Osoianu” Sisters.
Roman tells: In the beginning we had the idea of presenting “Osoianu” Sisters as rock-girls: leather clothes, chains etc. In the end we came to a different concept. It is Mihai’s idea that was inspired from the video of Scottish fellows “Franz Ferdinand”, where the musicians are continuously moving. What would you say if you see Roman playing the role of a shepherd, Valerica – of Schumacher and the brave Anatol doing a moon-walk in Michael Jackson’s style, dressed in fiddler’s clothes? And all these on a permanently changing background. “Osoianu” Sisters were filmed in a workshop of a carpet factory (“Floare-Carpet” and we sincerely thank them).
The new Zdob si Zdub videos are expected to be released during summer.
P.S.: Zdubs prepared 18 songs, hard as the rock and sweet as strawberries, for the new compilation, “Ethno Mecanica”. The compilation contains new songs, as well as remakes of the well-known and loved hits, a remix of the “Zdubii bateti tare” signed by DJ Shantel and a cover of the song “Paint it Black” of the legendary Rolling Stones. The album will represent a mosaic of what Zdob si Zdub represents. The drawings for the cover were realized by Serghei Bucur; the one that did the cover of “Tabara Noastra” album. Also, other talented people participate at “Ethno Mecanica”’s “baking”.
P.P.S.: Do you wonder who the new Zdob si Zdub guitarist is? He is Sergiu Vatavu, ex-„Dirijabli”,”Noroc”, „Cuibul”.
This is all for now. Peace, Love & Rock’n’Roll!

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