"The Path to the Fire Sea"

The writer-fantast Alex Grin (A. Zlotnik) and the band «Zdob si Zdub» fruitfully collaborate for a long time.
Alex wrote the lyrics of «Gypsies and UFO», together with Roman Iagupov and Slava Flima, of «Miorita» and the Russian version of «Cucusor».
Recently, a joyful and long-waited event happened to Alex: his fantasy-novel «Tropa v Ognemorie» («The Path to the Fire Sea») was published.

«Tropa» tells about a world, named «Ognemorie», full of danger and mystery. The main heroines of the novel are 3 16-year-old friends « Isabella, Rovena and Felicia - that study in the same school and together decide to assimilate the secrets of magic and material arts. But the learning of this type is full of surprises and dramatic turnings.
The unfolding of the «Tropa v Ognemorie» events may be compared with the epic dimension of «The Lord of the Rings». The life of the teenage-students, on the background that progressively obtains obscure and gothic tones, sometimes might remind of the last books about Harry Potter.
Besides these, the Carpathian, Balkan and Northern region of Black Sea mythology is abundantly used. Generally, all the novel’s components unify and form an original, thrilling and memorable subject.

By the way, the band «Zdob si Zdub» appears in some episodes of the novel. More exactly «it’s clone in the remote future.
The book isn’t just interesting, it has a pleasant exterior, too - the original and likable cover was created by the painter Simon Vainbrand.
Fragments from «Tropa v Ognemorie» may be read here:
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