Making of "Boonika Bate Doba" video

Let us tell you how everything happened: early in the morning, the outlaws-fiddlers "Zdob si Zdub" mounted the stallions and, at their first halt in Valeni village, they kidnapped an old lady and an old man (namely Granny Lidia Bejenaru and uncle Tudorica) and took a gallop toward Romania. The concert from the Revolution Square came as a storm and "set on fire" the summer evening of Bucharest. Afterwards, the Zdubs got to the "Buftea" studios, the location of the mega-blockbuster "Boonika Bate Doba" shootings.
Let’s leave the fairy tales aside and talk directly about the video that promises to be very well heard at all possible and impossible TV channels. The Romanian director Marin Dinescu, a fan of the Balkan surrealism and Russian theatre, decided to put accent more on the colour/light contrast, than on the script. We would like to remind you that Marin Dinescu is the man that made the first video in "Zdob si Zdub" history – "Zdubii bateti tare", the Zdubs’ debut on MTV Russia and Atomic TV (music TV channel from Romania). Lights, colours… you are probably wondering what the video’s concept represents. We’ll answer. Imagine several Grandmas: boonika America, boonika Germany, boonika Japan etc. Each Grandma has a "doba" which has to be beaten very energetically. Of course, boonika Moldova rulzzz and anyway she excels all the other aunts when referring to drummer skills! Periodically the Grandmas are turning into girls with long legs, that also correspond to a country. These girls are a modern parallel of the Grandmas. At first sight, it may seem that for a video shooting aren’t necessary too many things, but this isn’t so. Besides talent and a professional filming team, a lot of things that are adequate or maybe not really to the shooting stage are necessary, like: baseball clothes with the inscription "Moldova" (a special Thanks to our baseball team for helping us!), a sky with silvery-glamorous stars, a nylon net in which Valerica together with his trumpet was captured like a fly in a cobweb, a limousine upholstered with ethnic carpets, mustaches, several huge caves, a bicycle, two pillows that became dust and feathers, two sacks with maize flour, several Marshalls, a Halloween pumpkin, gigantic cocktails etc. Yes, a magnificent video is forecasted. It is obvious, art requires labour: three days and three nights the Zdubs and the Grandmas were singing and jumping up! We are waiting for the premiere during the next month and also for the nominalization of boonika Lidia for Golden Globe (at least!).
During their short moments of rest, Zdob si Zdub enjoyed themselves as much as possible: they beat the "doba", had bicycle rides with boonika Moldova, played baseball, ate "mamaliga" (polenta), drank a little bit of wine from Valeni, and destroyed a mega-expensive microphone! Moreover, Roman managed to learn from uncle Tudorica a new dance move "batuta (a type of dance) like in the South", which will also be a part of the video. While the video is in post-production (special computer-effects will be also added), the Zdubs are leaving for a 2-week tour in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Ukraine.
Photos from the shootings can be viewed in Media/Photo.

Real life is in the village…

After the impressive performance at Eurovision presented by “Zdob si Zdub” along with “the goddess of blastbeat”, that is Boonika, the guys were invited to make a visit to Valeni, the native village of aunt Lidia Bejenaru.
The days of June 4 and 5 had a special meaning for “Zdob si Zdub”: the Zdubs got in the Underground (the South of Moldova, where each and every aunt if not a master of “doba”, then of dance for sure is), that is Valeni. After the shattering noise and the media terrorism from Chisinau, the Valeni village seemed to be a part of Heaven for the guys, with not much civilization and ultra modern technologies, but with a lot of Bassarabian spirit and unfeigned folcklore traditions! We don’t know who was more excited – the Zdubs because of visiting again Valeni or Valenians because of seeing the Zdubs in flash and bones, excuse me, in sneakers and caps! The guys were accommodated, obviously, at Boonika and Boonelul. After some jugs of homemade wine and plentiful food, like in the village, the Zdubs…no, they didn’t go to bad because they were tired from the road, but they went to the club (those that consider themselves educated will read “Culture House”) to hold a live performance – the coolest concert, as the guys admitted! The village club looks like a bunker from World War II period, with holes in walls (the true Moldavian spirit), addle floors, sparse ceiling and a stage on which Kotovskii held the best speeches of his youth! The second part was about the guitar amplifier that seemed to be brought to Valeni by a group of ETs (read: green homunculus with many maggots in their heads) that got lost in that region around 19th century! It was a big time performance: Anatol took only the small drum, Roman sang at something that could be named microphone, only if you really concentrated your eyes to see it, but the guitar…didn’t make it to Valeni! After the public (it consisted of: 45% - metalheads olds, 45% - children mad about all the events of this type and 10% - young people that believe that happiness is in Valeni, but not in Italy) was warmed up and unfettered by the Bejenaru fiddlers and by the local music and dance ensembles managed by Grandpa Tudorica (which, let’s admitted it, would make the masters of popular dances from the capital cry of envy with crocodile tears), the Zdubs got on stage! They sang more inspired than ever, even if the sound gave the impression that the instruments were introduced in a barrel with tar before the concert! If Kusturica saw what happened on the stage of the Valeni club, he would probably take his luggage and moved to live definitely in Moldova’s villages! The dust that was raised in the air by the feet of the energetic crowd, reached Kiev and according to some sources it annoyed even the nose of Miss Paparizou!
The second day was a total chill-out of which Zdob si Zdub dreamt of for several months. The guys tasted the water of the Prut River with their feet, they saw that teenagers mean not only cigarettes, beer and mobile telephones, but also a “hora” (Romanian round dance), a “sarba” (lively Romanian folk dance) and energetic beating of “doba”. They adventured in the untouched by civilization landscapes of Valeni, they realized that folklore traditions are maintained carefully in the provincial environment and also they had a ride on donkeys that, in the South of Moldova, are a lot more appreciated than the meteor of Shumacher from Germany.
Hurray for traditions, Hurray for Underground, Hurray for Boonika and Valeni Village! We will be back!
P.S.1: During the same memorable weekend, Boonika Lidia Bejenaru received a money award from the village hall. And for those that don’t know it yet, Boonika was decorated with the “Civic Merit” Medal by The President of Republic of Moldova and got a special award from the “Tele-Radio Moldova” Company”. Boonika deserves it!
The members of the band “Zdob si Zdub”, named by the international press “the unofficial ESC 2005 winners”, were also decorated by our President, getting the following titles:
Roman Iagupov – honorary title “Master of Arts of Republic of Moldova”
Mihai Gincu, Valeriu Mazilu and Victor Dandes – honorary title “Merited Person of Republic of Moldova”
Anatol Pugaci and Igor Buzurniuc – “Civic Merit” Medals.
P.S.2: The Zdubs proposed the village hall of Valeni to name the central street of the village – Eurovision Street. The board of Valeni promised to analyze this proposal at their first meeting.

Now Boonika is all over Europe!

If you don’t have a Grandma that beats the drum, urgently look for “Zdob si Zdub”’s CD! The latest statistics show that even the Grandmas from Europe started to beat the drums!
The CD-Single “Boonika Bate Doba” is released in Europe from June, 13!
“Zdob si Zdub” and the Grandmas of Moldova send their greetings to all the cool girls and guys from all over the world!

International catalogue number 5050467933828

Track list:
B Side:

Zdubs on the shooting stage of the film “Night Watch II”

During the period of the swing preparation for Eurovision, “Zdob si Zdub” was invited to participate in the sequel shootings of the Russian Blockbuster “Night Watch” (“Nochinoi Dozor”).
Roman Iagupov, a true film fan, didn’t pass by this proposal and Zdubs left for Moscow on the first occasion.
For those that don’t know what “Night Watch I” is about, let us specify: the good and the bad forces are in a continuous fight, patrolling Moscow streets, so that no way would appear more good or vice-versa, because the equilibrium of the forces is needed in the world. Several things distinguished in the first part of the movie: the film version of the bestseller novel “Night Watch” by the Russian writer Serghei Lukianenco had a budget of 5 millions dollars, but an income of more than 16 millions. It is a movie that contains the most sophisticated special effects in Russian Federation. Oh, well, “Night Watch II” is promising to be more magnificent.
According to the scenario, Zdubs got the role of... the band “Zdob si Zdub”. Obvious, isn’t it? But how did everything take place? Roman tells: “They brought us to an abandoned factory that was transformed in a real shooting stage. VIPs of the Russian show-business dressed in devils and witches were swarming all around. Near by, a chief was dealing with a huge slice of meat (?)... what can we say, a real stage atmosphere! We had to play in the “Egor’s birthday” scene (for not initiated – Egor is the sorcerer with exxxtraordinary powers, that descended to the dark forces, the cad!), where, according to the scenario, some well-known bands were playing. We put on adequate clothes and were waiting… After almost on hour, Mihai, being tired of waiting, went to the stage to look what is going on. “Are you Zdob si Zdub? Well, we are waiting for you for already an hour! Action!” – hearing this, we went on the stage, being presented as “Guests of Honour, the band “Zdob si Zdub” from Transylvania!”. We had the sensation that we were at a symposium of the malefic forces or at the ball of Satana from the novel of Bulgacov! There were 25 cameras on the shooting stage - yes, this means high level!”
“Night Watch II” will appear on screens at the end of 2005 year.
By the way, Roman was invited to participate in the shootings of two other movies, but he had to refuse, because of the lack of free time! No big deal, cinematographic eclat will be waiting for him!
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