The final

Yes, Eurovision is about politics and geopolitics.
Yes, Eurovision is a show - business that requires a great financial investment.
Yes, Eurovision is bubble-gum-pop.
Yes, the cameramen and the directors of the show were not able or didn’t what to point out the spectacular elements and the surprises of our show.

Zdob si Zdub are returning home with their heads up.
Zdob si Zdub amazed Europe.
Zdob si Zdub made for their country almost the impossible:
with a miserable budget, incomparable with the one of other artists,
with a totally limited time for preparation,
without a sufficient promotion,
without the real support promised by the officials,
Zdob si Zdub managed to qualify the poorest and unknown country from Europe – Moldova, on a dignified place – 6th!
This way, Moldova will directly participate in the finals of Eurovision 2006 in Greece.

Thank you Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia and other countries for your support!

Zdob si Zdub would’ve given fraternally 12 points to Romania! Romania, Zdub si Zdub apologizes on behalf of Moldova for its faithlessness. We think that reality is different and actually Moldavians voted for Romania!

Thanks to Grandma-Boonika!
Thanks to Kiev for a perfect organization and thanks to hospitable Ukrainians! Romania and Ukraine – the coolest neighbors!
Let's keep on rocking!!

CD–Single “Boonika Bate Doba”

The press conference where Zdob si Zdub presented their CD-Single “Boonika Bate Doba” took place last week in Chisinau. The Single contains 4 versions of the song, recorded in the period of preparing for Eurovision. Among them, every listener will find a version to his taste. The first version – the original, was played in the national pre-selection tour for Eurovision. Cool version – softened, is one of the working versions. But, finally, Zdob si Zdub will present in Kiev the 3-minute Eurovision version, which corresponds to the contest’s rules. The Single version – a longer one, is specially recorded for the video, which will be filmed in Bucharest, immediately after the contest.
Also, the CD contains 3 remixes for “Boonika”, made by well-known DJs from neighbor countries:
DJ U.N.U. – at the moment, the top DJ of Romania, he worked with O-Zone.
DJ RAM (Russia) already collaborated with Zdob si Zdub, in 2001 he made a remix of the hit song “Videli nochi”.
DJ Shantel&Bucovina (Germany) – the most popular ethno-DJ, he worked with the folklore collectives “Taraf de Haidouks” and “Fanfara Ciocarlia”.
On the CD-Single there are two remixes of the hit “Everybody in the casa mare”, which were played only in Slovakia and Hungary till now.
The video visiting card of Zdob si Zdub is presented on the CD-Single as a bonus.
In Moldova, the CD-Single will be on sale from May 19, but in Romania Ukraine, Russia and Central Europe – in June.

Track List:
1. Boonika Bate Doba (Eurovision 2005 version)
2. Boonika Bate Tare (First version)
3. Boonika Bate Toba (Single version)
4. Boonika cu Maciuca (Cool version)
5. Boonika DJ U.N.U’s Grandmother Remix (Romania)
6. Boonika Bate Doba Remix by Shantel // Bucovina Club (Germany)
7. Boonika Hey-Hop Mix DJ Ram (Russia)
B side:
8. “Everybody in the casa mare” ZSZ feat. DJ Marcin (Slovakia)
9. “Everybody in the casa mare” remix by Balkan Fanatic (Hungary)
Video visiting card “Boonika bate doba”
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