On April, 29, at 2 PM o’clock, in Moscow, the recording of the show
“Kuhnea” with ZSZ participation will take place on TV channel TVTs. Everybody is invited to participate. Address: Mosfilimoskaia str, nr.1, central entrance.

Interview with Zdob si Zdub for

Eurovision Kazahstan: Greetings to Zdob si Zdub! Our congratulations with your victory in the national selection! What do you feel now, as you are selected Eurovision participants?
ZSZ: We all have a stomach-ache, because of emotions. Now we all are very busy - giving interviews, making photos. The mass media do not allow us to do our work. :) We are feeling responsible. Our fans voted for us – so we will go on fighting!

EK: Is Eurovision Song Contest popular in Moldova, since it is the first time Moldova participates in it?
ZSZ: Sure it is popular. Previous years Moldova had the possibility to watch the contest on Russian and Romanian TV. The fact that Moldova got a chance to take part in such an event – is very good. We are very glad to take part in one more contest.

EK: How did you come up with the idea to participate in the selection? Who did propose it?
ZSZ: It was a “midnight phone call”. :) We accepted the proposal. We accept everything that stimulates our creativity. Any festival, featuring helps us feel alive… If we hadn’t taken part in the national selection – our fans would’ve not understood us.

EK: Was it a difficult thing to win? Were you expecting the victory?
ZSZ: It was not easy. We were short of time to prepare ourselves. We knew that we also had a chance to win, but we were not making any plans. It turned out, that the victory is the best mood!

EK: What can you say concerning the organization of the selection by Moldavian broadcaster?
ZSZ: As for the first time – it was OK. We hope in future it will be on the highest level. Here we are speaking of our culture. We are glad Moldova takes part in this contest. All of “sleeping” Moldavian show business awakened and got ready for creativity. Competition – is also an “engine” for art! It is a pity that the organizers announced about the contest so late.

EK: Your song is unusual for the contest. Were you planning to stand out for your diversity from others?
ZSZ: We use to surprise. And we are always remaining ourselves!

EK: Tell us a bit about how the song will look like on the stage, as the majority of European listeners have found out about its victory from the radio.
ZSZ: It will be in a real Zdob si Zdub style. Instruments, skirts, drive, energy, ethno – rock’n’roll!

EK: You have more than once told the story of the song. Does Grandma Lidia know about your song? If yes, what is her attitude? Who are the official composer and lyrics’ author?
ZSZ: She found it out from TV. She has visited us not long ago in Chisinau. She brought some home brew wine, some eggs…The wine made by the Bejenaru family has special effects – it is an extraordinary aphrodisiac.
Music by Mihai Gancu, lyrics – Roman Yagupov.

EK: How are you planning to promote the song? Are you planning a promotion tour for the song contest? What in general are your plans till May?
ZSZ: We will promote it not only in the framework of Eurovision, but as well as through our own ways with the help of our partners.

EK: What ideas do you have concerning the video or you will present just a live video from selection performance for Eurovision?
ZSZ: For Europe, we presented a video of our live performance of this song – with all our traditional attributes – carpets, ornaments on screens etc. It will be our “visit-card”. And after that we will shoot a real video which we are going to make in any case, not depending on the result of national selection!

EK: You are already experienced in musical festivals. What is your usual target?
ZSZ: To be different and to “blow up” the public.

EK: Will it be somehow depressing that you would first of all represent your country?
ZSZ: This is not a pressure, but the feeling of responsibility.

EK: Are you planning to win? Aren’t you afraid to create problems to Moldova with your victory? It will make Moldova the next place to organize Eurovision Song Contest.
ZSZ: We are not planning to win. We are never making plans – we just do our work well. And if it happens for us to win – it could be a good idea to shake up this sleepy “banana republic”. Let our government do some real efforts to make Chisinau a real European city.

Interview with Zdob si Zdub for

Eurovision Russia: Rock singers that participate in Eurovision usually have a negative attitude towards it and saying that they are very special and take part in it by chance… And what is your position?
ZSZ: Eurovision is really a pop-music contest. But there are no contests of such extant in Moldova. That is why it became a big event and a real challenge. And we accepted the battle. So we took this opportunity to show ourselves and our song.

ER: You’ve got a rich experience in taking part in musical festivals… Is this festival going to be just an amusement for you or it could become a serious stage in your work with European audience?
ZSZ: It will be a serious stage… with a possibility for a serious amusement.

ER: Last year the Eurovision’s audience treated alternative music very well. Are you going to win Eurovision?
ZSZ: A lot of similar, "cloned" and dull singers took part in last Eurovision. That is why all non-typical artists make the show fresher. We are going to add some "Moldavian pepper" this year. But we are not making any plans.

ER: It is said the contest is too politicized: it means only neighbors are voted, and the beginners have few chances… What is your opinion?
ZSZ: The main thing – is to participate!

ER: Have you heard the other songs from the contest? There is a lot of ethno music this year, could you comment on this?
ZSZ: The ethnic presence – is a natural thing. It was Ruslana who set the pace last year.

ER: What are your plans as to further promotion in those countries you didn’t work yet?
ZSZ: For now we sent the song to the radios that requested for it. And our video – "visit-card" – is on some TV channels from Europe.

Unofficially about official.

In the morning of April 12, the band Zdob si Zdub and the directors of TV Moldova were invited to our country’s President, Mr. Voronin. The preparation for Moldova’s participation in Eurovision Song Contest 2005 was discussed during this meeting.
President Voronin broke the ice with a straight to the point question: “What are the problems that have to be solved?” The answer of TVM’s representatives was direct, as well: “The financial ones”.
In a business environment, the phases of the preparation for the contest were discussed step by step. President Voronin promised financial support for TVM, including the payment for obtaining the right to retranslate ESC 2005 on the territory of Moldova.
Mr Voronin also mentioned - quotation: “Moldova’s participation in Eurovision is important first of all for country’s image. Many Europeans don’t even know where Moldova is on the continent’s map. The artists are cultural ambassadors. Sometimes the artists do more than ambassadors and diplomats.”
TVM directors said that the rating of Eurovision project was higher with 30% than the rating of election campaign in February-March. The comment of Mr. Voronin on this was: “Mda, people are tired of so much politics.”
In turn, Zdob si Zdub said that they are prepared for the contest from the creative and organizational point of view and are ready to start the promotion of their song in other countries participating in ESC 2005.
Zdob si Zdub expressed their hope concerning the getting into top 10, in this order ensuring Moldova’s participation in the ESC 2006 final.
Zdob si Zdub hopes to be adequately supported by TVM in their promotional tours in other participant countries, such as the artists of other countries are supported by their national televisions.
On April 8 and 9, Zdob si Zdub already had a short promo campaign in Kiev, organized on its own account. Also, independently, Zdob si Zdub have in plan a visit to Moscow during the period of April 29 – May 1.
By the way: The question “What do you think about organizing ESC 2006 in Chisinau, if Zdob si Zdub takes first place?” got a laconic answer from President Voronin – “We’ll do it”.
Short, official, efficient. This is how the morning of April 12 was.
We’ll see how the evening on May 19 will be…for sure – a touching one.
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