!!! ZDOB [SI] ZDUB !!!

We have won the Eurovision finals for Moldova! We thank EVERYONE who has supported us through the years!


Boonika bate doba, de data asta la Kiev!

Zdubii Bat tare!


Our Grandma is knocking on the Door!

Saturday 26.02.05 ZsZ will perform on the local Moldavian final concert of Eurovision 2005 in National Palace.
Till that time you can listen to ZsZ song «Boonika bate doba» on local radio stations KISS FM, HIT FM, PRO FM, Antena C, Auto Radio, Nashe Radio, Russian Radio
An abstract from this song one can download from our web site section

Meet Our Grandma!

In the vast expanses of “Indian” Moldovan South, on the bank of the Prut River, there is a village of Valeni. An aged woman lives there, it was she who became the prototype of our song «Bunica bate doba» (Grandmamma beats da drum-a) character. After a hard working week a big family of Bejenaru has a real rest: mamaliga is being cooked, the wine is sparkling in glasses, and Granny Lidia is hitting the drum and singing in low voice traditional recitative chants “strigaturas” and turning us back to our roots.
This picture attracted our imagination; we let it through our souls and have written an ethno rock\'n\'roll song, with jungle elements, “strigaturas” and California lyrics.
The song was written last summer for our next album «The Best of ZSZ». It was recorded in two versions: in English and Romanian.
We will present our “Grandmamma” on Moldavian selection tour for Eurovision 2005, which will take place on the 26th of February in the national Palace and it will be telecasted on Moldova 1 TV-Channel. One would also be able to listen to this song on the local radio station.
The Grandmothers of all Moldova are hitting the drums and sending their greetings to the California guys!


It’s jump up jungle, a little like break beat
Never seen that super hit - bunica beats da drum-a
Big mallet in the hand, high hat in the same beat
She’s screaming like Hawkins, my old Big Mama
Bunica beats da drum-a like I never heard before
She’s a slapping Miss Blackman, gimme some more
Check it, let’s kick it, we wanna dance now
We are turning into hammers ticking rhythm out

Boonika bate doba
Boonika bate tare
Boonika bate doba cu machuca’N CASA MARE

Grandma hits the drum
Grandma hits it hard
Grandma with a beetle hits the drum in “da house”!

I love so much doba making boom-boom
Now get your body moving, just follow the tune
It’s a real magic- big mama play her drum-a
She’s flying into trance like an Indian shaman
Who is the “Beatles”, who is Peter Pan
Who is the gypsy Hendrix -
She don’t care, that misses L
I smile, I cry when I see that crazy baba
Dizzy tempo dizzy let’s go my music-mama


PEOPLE IN DA PLACE, feel your body shakes
Boonika beats da drum-a (tama) tapping out the breaks
Pop you up with dat beat
Get rid of rotten meat
You dig with your soul
Deep inside that rock’n’roll
She’s a drum machine, you know what I mean
She wanna play sirba (jumparale) to make you spin,
Drain a bottle of wine, no need to smoke the leaves
By the end of dat show you‘ll blow yourself to bits

You are a real drum machine
You make me wanna dance, you’re a slapping queen
To get that state you drink juice from grapes
And I go deep into the music space


“Line up changes". Zdob si Zdub Official Statement.

In 2005 ZsZ came to its 10th anniversary of rock'n'roll activity.
The present situation is the result of significant evolution.
At the very beginning it was american hardcore performed by four
youngsters, though starting from 1998 the band began experimenting
with folk music and using not only "conventional" guitar sound, but
also trumpet, violine, dulcimer, iorgaphone, fluier and other ethnic instruments.
In addition, wind instruments have taken a significant role in the music, and these days they are the brand mark of the band. Also, the amount of band members has grown from 4 to 8
artists - 7 Zdubs and MC Vasile. There have been significant changes
made in the sound of guitars - from heavy distorted parts the band
moved to natural electric guitar sound, and in the ballads the band
used an acoustic guitar. All the mentioned above describes a change
in the Zdob Shi Zdub style, which now has inevitably led to several
replacements of band members.
Each member of the band has his own music taste, his own performing style.
Unfortunately, the guys did not find a common line in their musical styles,
and that has led to a discomfortable psychological atmosphere within the band.
This is a common thing to happen in bands with many artists. Of course, while
performing on stage, the musicians unify both emotionally and spiritually,
and then the audience enjoys the positive emotions of the music and the
performance. But what the audience can not see and feel is the situation
behind the scenes and on rehearsals. What happened within the Zdob Shi Zdub band
is an artistic crisis, nothing personal. The band was like a family, with it's
ups and downs, but unfortunately, families sometimes are subjects to divorces.
As of now, the first priority issue for band founders Roman and Mihai is to
find a professional guitar player, which will have the same musical taste and
style as the band defined for itself these days. Therefore, for a first time in
5 years, the band had taken a leave for 2 months and opened the auditions process
for a new guitarist. Yes, Ryzhik and Vikosh will not play with ZsZ anymore, and all guitar
parts will be performed by Igor Buzurnyuk (former ex-Millenium).
Despite Igor's short performing experience, his musical heritage is very impressive.
He comes from a family of musicians - his father has been playing for many years
in people's academic orchestra "Lautari" under a musical direction of maestro
Botgross. Igor is a senior student (4th year) of a conservatory in Chisinau,
where he masters his violin playing skills. His guitar style is very charismatic,
and Igor also has absolute musical hearing. Ryzhik and Vikosh are irreducible part of ZsZ history. They are good musicians and very
experienced artists and performers. We are completely positive, that they are and
will be able to express their abilities in other future projects. Because the
show must go on!
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