Russendisko Hits 2

A compilation "Russendisko Hits" was released in 2003 in Germany, “Gypsy and UFO” song from “Agroromantica” album by Zdob si Zdub entered the compilation. More than 50.000 copies of this compilation were sold.
Every second and fourth Saturday of the month Yuriy Gurzhy - the DJ of "Russendisko" plays music of the countries of former USSR in Kaffee Burger at Tor Strasse in the centre of Berlin. Mainly these are the songs of progressive trends in modern rock music with obvious influenses of gypsy, balkanian music, reggae, ska and clezmer, and they have nothing to do with traditional disco. "Russendisko on Tour" usually go on tours over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, and Israel.
This year on the Eve of Christmas, "Russendisko Hits 2" was issued, "Everybody in the casa mare” song from the last album “450 Sheep” recorded together with Garik Sukachiov entered it.
Other popular Russian bands on this compilation are: Markscheider Kunst and Spitfire. Some fresh names representing a new generation of music in ex-USSR are also on the compilation.


Zdob si Zdub wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New Year’ Eve with Zdob si Zdub

New Year's Eve the Zdubs will appear in festive shows on TV different channels. The first shooting took part in Bratislava for Slovak channel Markiza TV, where “Everybody in the casa mare” song assumed one more original version. Instead of Gypsy MC Vasile the refrain will be performed by Slovak folk ensemble “Bezanka” together with the show presenters Piter Marcin and Andy Graus.
We found this version interesting and possibly our Slovak recording company “Forza Music” will release this song on their New Year compilation.
In Moscow the Zdubs take part in a telecast “The first night with Oleg Menshikov” on NTV Channel. We have specially prepared a cover version of “Costume” song from a classical Soviet movie “Magicians”. Emmanuil Vitorgan – a famous Russian actor will perform the vocals together with Roman. An abstract of this cover you can listen to on our web-site.
Romanian version of this song Roman has recorded together with a famous talk-show presenter from ProTV, her name is Teo. The shooting of the New Year’s Eve show in Bucharest is planned for 18th of December.
“Smuglyanka” – a song from a popular movie about the Second World War has been chosen for alternative music show on RenTV.
Producers were planning to invite Sofia Rotaru to take part in recording of this song, but she could not do that because of a tight concert tour schedule. Then we decided to invite “Slivki” (Cream) pop girls-band. The shooting is scheduled for 14th of December in Moscow.
As it was the previous time, the band will meet the New Year in Romanian city of Iasi. The festive concert will be performed at 23:00. After that the Zdubs will go to meet the coming year with their friends. La mult ani (Happy New Year), everybody!

Zdob si Zdub concerts in Russia, December 2004

We finally came to Russia. The first concert was in Saint Petersburg Old House Club. It’s a good club, having all the conditions to arrange a quality event. But, unfortunately, the publicity was provided only by the black and white leaflets that the organizers scattered in the Club’s area. It’s obvious that these papers did not carry the promotion message, that’s why there were about a hundred of our fans in the concert hall. It’s a pity. The last time we were in Saint Petersburg three years ago, and all our concerts were performed on a sold-out basis. We hope that our next visit will be more successful.
The press-conference in Moscow, dedicated to “450 Sheep” album release, took place on November 26 in the B-2 Club. The visitors were served brynza – sheep’s milk cheese as well as Moldovan wine… The Romanian folk music ensemble “Iagalo” was tuning up on the stage... We invited these fervent Romanian Gypsy musicians for to reveal the concept and the spirit of “450 Sheep” album, and make a vivid presentation. We would like to thank our fellow Iurii Pavlovich, a veritable connoisseur of vine and Balkan music, for his financial support of the “Iagalo” ensemble in Moscow. “Zdob si Zdub” didn‘t have such a concert for a long time… We had a sense that all our friends got together in the concert hall. The atmosphere was, we would say, quite sensual: women in national costumes, round dances and popular songs. The employees of the Moldovan and Romanian Embassies attended that event. The ex-space pilot, and now the Romanian Ambassador to Russia, Mr. Dorin Prunariu, came to say hello to “Iagalo”. The concert lasted 2 hours, the band played an encore and performed the hit “Videli Nochi” with Lilia Erdenko.
Next day,”Zdob si Zdub” performed for “Vozduh” (“Air”) radio transmission on Nashe Radio. The broadcast is envisaged for December 25.
After lunch, the two bands took the train and departed to the homeland. During 27 hours of travel, the musicians from “Iagalo” and “Zdob si Zdub” performed 5 free-of-charge concerts; the passengers were very pleased…
Everyone who attended the B-2 Club presentation is invited to the Moscow Hard Rock cafй on the Old Arbat, where on December 16, at 21:00 we’ll perform another concert. Besides the “450 Sheep” album songs, we’ll play Christmas carols. We’ve bought in Romania the masks of the popular fairy tales heroes especially for this purpose.
See photos in Media Photo.

“Zdob si Zdub” in “Cafemax” on Novoslobodskaya str., Moscow

17th of December project and internet-centers network “Cafemax” invites “Zdob si Zdub” to “Cafemax” on Novoslobodskaya!
The “Zdob si Zdub” members have found a lot of reasons to meet together and and answer their fans' questions. The reasons are:
- Russian release of the album with a conceptual title “450 Sheep”;
- the 10th anniversary of the band to be celebrated in 2004;
- and of course the concert in Hard Rock Cafe Moscow on the 16th of December.
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