Roman has enlarged his collection of musical instruments

This month there were some interesting events in ZsZ life. At last there took place the meeting we have been waiting for a long time. Two Moldavian bands, living on opposite sides of the Prut River of once undivided Moldova met each other. They play similar music but use different instruments – Zdob si Zdub and Fanafara Ciocarlia! Fanfara Ciocarlia is known as the quickest brass band in the world. For 4 years our managers have been in active correspondence and trying to organize a creative meeting. But each of the bands has more than 130 performances per year and the tour geography doesn’t allow meeting each other, though the distance between our locations is just 90 km. Now the brass players are at home in the willage of 10 Prajini (10 fields) and are preparing their new 4th album. Zdob si Zdub are also working on anniversary album, which will be released for the 10th anniversary of the band. It will include the best songs recorded with new sound, and for some of them Fanfara Ciocarlia is going to record brass parts with their original sound. We play also to shot a video clip for the most successful track. (You can find information on Fanfara Ciocarlia in the links on our web page).
Another pleasant October event turned to be performance confined to the Day of the City of Iasi (Romania). After the show Roman has purchased a new musical instrument – yorgaphone - crafted by Romanian craftsman called Busnea from the town of Ramnicu-Valcea.
This is a kind of instrument allied to Scotch bagpipe, but more compact and the pipes are done from reed. The first try was done during the performance in Turkey. Besides, during the visit of fair of folk craftsmen, Roman had a chance of trying other folk instruments and gathered a crowd of fans around him. We have also purchased traditional masks for the winter holidays and New Year shows.
On the way back home, as the Zdubs were passing through the customs on the border between Romania and Moldova, Roman (as flora and fauna lover) managed to tame a “frontier” mouse. He decided to take it home, feed it and play his new bagpipe for it:).
The rest of photos see in the Media section/Photo on ZsZ site.

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The video clip "Nunta Extremala" reached the 1st place in Ukrainian "Enter" TV channel hit parade. Vote for Zdubs on and

Autumn is a wedding time…

Sunday 10th of October Ukrainian TV-channel M1 will show a premier of our video clip “Nunta Extremala” (The Extreme Wedding) in its “Ministry of Premiers” program.
This song appeared in 1999 in our second album “Tabara Noastra”. It became one of the best songs of the band and is always performed in the concerts.
After 5 years we have re-recorded it with a new sound and arrangement. In this version it will appear in anniversary album dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the band.
The story of the video clip is the following. We were playing a concert in a small Transylvanian town in Romania not long ago. It was just a regular performance – nothing of extreme. By the end of the show we noticed a young couple (a girl with her boyfriend) dressed in wedding attire forcing their way to the stage. They jumped on the stage. We thought they were actors, and the security tried to “show them the door”. Those two were not even thinking of leaving, particularly the lady, who started dancing real cancan. So, we understood that those were “OUR” people and they were having a real wedding party. The “Nunta Extremala” (Extreme Wedding) was the best suiting song for their wedding play - list. Later, after the show the proxy parents invited us to that wedding party. So, we found ourselves on the extreme wedding party in a neighboring village. Everything was shot with a professional video camera. And this tape gave birth to our imperishable new video “Nunta Extremala”. Everything is real in this grotesque work of art, but a ceramic pig that was presented to the newly-weds as a piggy bank to keep the family budget in it.
Ladies and gentleman: CHIN-CHIN!
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