Where are 450 sheep going?

Recently we have been getting a lot of questions concerning present position of the band on the Russian music market and the reasons of such a state of affairs.
As we have already mentioned more than once in our news releases and information messages, the changes in creativity concept caused changes in terms of not only geography of concert tours but also in ZsZ positioning on Eastern Europe music markets.
General Producer of “NASHE” radio Mikhail Koziryev, who is a person of consequence in Russian rock show business appreciated our new album but declared that the songs do not comply with Russian radio format.
The only achievement was the appearing of new song “Miorita” in “Chartova Dyuzhina” of “Nashe” radio. The song was charted for several weeks and reached 9th position.
Another Russian radio “Maximum”, that used to broadcast ZsZ, didn’t determine its position with the new album. MTV Russia also appreciated our videos but the Program Director told us that “It is time of “Viagra” (Ukrainian pop band) and our video “Everybody in the casa mare” with Garik Sukachyov was not broadcasted.
This way “450 Sheep” disc that was released half a year ago was not promoted and was not officially sold in Russian Federation. There were no promotional performances. However, from time to time there appear very contradictory reviews in some Russian magazines.
Not long ago in the office of our Russian records company CD-LAND we were informed that CD officially came into the market and appeared in Russian musical shops.
This edition was specially issued for CIS market (countries of the former USSR) and it has some differences from the European edition. One can find “Miorita” song and also the Russian version of “Cuculetul” track.
Moreover, the disc has another design. European edition cover contains picture of bourgeois sheep (the photo was taken on the border of France and Germany), where as on the Russian edition we put our native Moldavian sheep, though bedraggled, but more corresponding to our life conditions.
The disc contains multimedia add-ons with ZsZ photos showing their Romanian trips, videos and history of creating the album.
If you find difficulties in finding “450 sheep” in Moscow, try to call CD-LAND office and ask were to by the album: +7 095 951 7677, 953 3306. And remember: One has to be persistent, and he will manage to find it!
The promotion campaign of “450 sheep” in Russia will not be as wide as it was in case with “Agroromantica” album. But we are planning to come to Moscow in October to give several performances to promote the album. Our voices will be supported by MC Vasile vocals, and possibly we will manage to bring the entire “Yagalo” taraf. The solo album of this well known gypsy band is already being recorded, it will be based on the songs written during their visit to Chisinau. As a bonus there will be two songs recorded together with ZsZ – “Everybody” and “Cuculetul”
By the end of October we are planning a tour in Israel. We are going to perform in Tel-Aviv and Haifa as “450 Sheep” presentation. The shows will be organized by local branch of Warner music. There will be a wide promotion campaign with TV shows, radio reports and magazine interviews.
Ukraine was the first country in CIS to meet the new album. The “450 Sheep” presentation took place in Kiev club “44”, with the full house and representatives of the press on the 9th of July.
Probably it was our best club performance this year! There were girls in transparent dresses dancing on the bars, and MC Vasile was casting spells on everybody. But our producer was the one who was casting the spells most of all. After taking some wine decided to sing too and he did it right during the performance – he was singing back vocals together with ZsZ …
The band will be 10 years by the end of the year and we are preparing some pleasant surprises for our admirers. Keep up with the news!
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