A journey back in times with Zdob si Zdub

During August 10-15, 2004, Zdob si Zdub music band will participate at a campaign drive “Following the tracks of Dacia people”, organized by the Social-Democratic Youth Union of Moldova, under the aegis of the Dacia Civilization Institute. Within the framework of the aforesaid campaign, Zdob si Zdub will perform on the stages of five towns of the Republic of Moldova: in Edinet on August 10, in Orhei – on August 11, in Cahul – on August 12, in Balti – on August 13, and in Chisinau – on August 15. The spectators attending the concert will have a chance to participate at a contest covering the topic “History of the Dacia”. The winners of the contest and the members of Zdob si Zdub will have a trip to Sarmizegetusa - the capital of the ancient Dacia. There will be a walking-tour with rucksacks as well as camp-fire songs and tents, and Mr. Andrei Vartic (the President of the Dacia Civilization Institute) will tell you stories about the famous history of those legendary places.
Back to the roots!

The sheep light up the summer

450 sheep have smoothly migrated from winter to summer. Half a year has elapsed since the first presentations of our last album in Slovakia, and meantime a lot has changed. The market and the diapason of our performances have changed, and you, - our devoted fans, - have also changed. Whereas a while ago we had concerts in the Russian Federation almost every week, nowadays the current state of things limits it to about ten concerts a year, which yet again highlights the difference between Eastern and Western tastes and musical priorities.
At present, Zdob si Zdub performances are attended by people who really need this kind of music. These are the kind of people who are trying to find precisely the mood they want. And they, probably, succeed in finding it. Anyhow, in Rudolshtadt, a small German town, where we were invited to participate in the biggest Eastern European Festival of Folk Music, the right vibe was in the air.
During that event, the entire town is changed into one big stage, or rather into several stages. The streets are populated with picturesque characters and personages of the National Geographic channel that later in the evening will light up the crowd from the stage. The honor of closing the event was bestowed on our humble band, and let it be known that we did that right after Boban Markovichi and his orchestra. For those who are not familiar with these names – these are the people who write music for Emir Kusturica, a favorite of the Cannes Festival. It is worth mentioning that before coming to Rudolshtadt, the band had visited a place for persons with developmental peculiarities in Bavaria, a place where the Zdubs felt at home…
When the Germany tours were over and done with, we proceeded to Kiev, where Oleg Scripka organized a fabulous festival “Kraina Mrii”. Whereas Rudolshtadt Festival had merely a folk orientation, the event hosted by the capital of Ukraine dazzled us with its genuine 100% folklore. Handsome lads, wearing masks; girls with national head-dresses and tattoos on their arms; other disguised characters, performing ritual dances; colorful babushkas, singing ancient songs, and many other enchanting characters. On the festival field, located exactly between the dome of the Pechora Lavra and the giant statue of Motherland, an atmosphere resembling that one of an antique Slavonic Bazar was emanating from the four stages. One could have played the role of blacksmith, or could have watched how carpets were being weaved, or could have learned how to make clay pottery. Like in Germany, our performance was closing the festival’s first day program. While performing the fifth song, we had to quit the stage, because all of a sudden the light was put out. The sudden interruption resembled an unfinished intercourse... As we were told afterwards, that happened due to some political reasons, related to presidential election twists. And we immediately sensed ourselves in a dustpan (“Dustpan” is a loan translation of the word “Sovok”, which is the official nickname of Soviet Union)…
After this, we found ourselves thousands miles away from Kiev, on the border of Yugoslavia, Hungary and Romania, at the Rock la Mures Festival, where we saw many pot-smokers wallowing in the nude not so far from the stage…The event bore a strong resemblance to Woodstock, even the organizers were naked and happy…
The performance at the Genoa Fortress in Crimea is yet to come. The beginning of August we’ll spend in Hungary, at the Muveszetek Volgye Folk Festival. We’ll attend the traditional Sziget in Budapest and O’Key Leto in Slovakia. At the end of August we are again invited to Bratislava’s Hodokvas Festival. Also, for the first time, Zdob si Zdub will perform at the Vizovicke Trnkobrani Fetsival in the Czech Republic, which usually takes place on the territory of a winery. On the 4th of September, again, we’ll play in Kiev all the songs that we did not manage to play before.
The Festival Summer is going on…
(Under the photo section you will find the commentaries from our last concerts).
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