Video “DJ Vasile” – the making of

The last days of February meant for us the filming of a brand new video clip wearing the Zdob [si] Zdub brand 100%. We thought of showing the world that’s the character that enchants the sheep on our last album. Who is he? He’s Dj Vasile, of course, which, by coincidence, is actually Mc Vasile, Master of Ceremony and DJ at the same time.
The Zdubs and Egor Brinza’s idea is simple: Dj Vasile, Master of Ceremony and DJ at the same time, spins, rotates everything - from vinyl discs (that, remember, must be licked before) to the miller’s wheel, and finishing with the girls. He is together with the Zdubs on the scene, and the Osoianu sisters are there too.
The chosen location is a huge hall with white walls, so that the Zdubs and their guests could stand out in their hardcore - miller suits. Among the elements that everybody will notice and ask “what the hell is that thing”, we have:
-a Russian tape recorder “Temp”, produced in 1968 - this is just one year before Woodstock (!)
-the tapes from the recorder: Europe (the 80’s….in autumn) and the Russian band Time Machine (foreva’)
-a hula-hop rotated by a buxom red-haired girl
-two turn-tables with the following records: Alla Pugaciova (1984) and Lee “Scratch” Perry Limited Edition. Shahash swore there are only about 20 copies in the world, and Vasile licked the nr 19 one, making the edition even rarer for the collectors :)
-a few tires, totally uninteresting if Roman wouldn’t have played with them
-“450 Sheep” spinning till dizziness
Everyone takes care of his own business: the Zdubs are punks and Vasile plays the turn-tables. Mihai is playing with some double bass. All the hardcore fiddlers had fun, “super-fun” actually, riding Igor Dinga’s bicycle during the breaks…to warm up… Roman looks like a punk god, with Maya body paints all over him and with a sexy ridge. He had only 2 colors on him: red and black At the drums played…surprise…Anatol Pugaci, the 1-st Zdob si Zdub drummer - but for now only as Special Guest….Mc Vasile benefited of help from DJ Shahash in using the devices, and so, in a few hours time he was ready to make a whole concert.
And, if you thought that the DJ wasn’t born in the countryside, you are so wrong!
you can see photos from the video shooting in Media/Photo
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