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At MediaVideo you can see fragments of the release concert of the "450 Sheep" album from Moscow club, Chisinau, 12.02.2004.

450 sheep in their hometown

After strolling their sheep through Europe (leaded by the 7 sheep) and after the release in Romania and the preparations for leaving again this spring, the Zdubs released their album in Chisinau too. It was, obviously, a great concert, with the gipsy fiddler band too. Unfortunately Garik couldn’t make it, as he had some serious health problems.
Thursday, February 12, 2004, the Moscow Club from Chisinau was full like never before. The fans came with banners and all anxiously waiting to sing every song with their favorite band. At the entry, everyone was welcomed by Mc Vasile and his gipsy fiddlers’ band, Iagalo. There was cheese, wine, the MTV team, so the introduction was made, and the Zdubs were ready for the concert. The scene was flanked by two huge screens that continuously projected archive images which, together with the lights and the excellent sound, made out of “450 Sheep” more a celebration than a concert.
Everybody had fun for more than 2 hours, and all this time the Zdubs played their greatest hits and the new album too. The Zdubs themselves had a great time and they gave their best! They were helped during the concert by DJ Shahash who scratched along with them. Even if the carpets on the scene were 100 years old (Roman even shaman-ed at some point into one with floral ornaments), the shepherds and the punk-sheep projections were from our times. The ancient significances can be handed over not only through archaic instruments but also through DJ-s and projections too.
The After Hours was at “Magnolia” together with Iagalo – everybody in the big house, fun and dances. The wine was good and everyone had fun till dusk.
So, keep in mind - “450 Sheep – make love not war!!!!”
In Media/Photo you can find photos from the release

INFO ZSZ live at Nashe Radio Chisinau

On the 11-th of February from 17 to 19 hours - interview and live concert Zdob si Zdub broadcasted live at Nashe Radio Chisinau
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