INFO. “450 sheep” presentation in Chisinau

Zdob-si-Zdub’s new album “450 sheep” presentation in Chisinau will take place on 12th of February in “Moscow” club at 19:00. Special guests of the performance will be MC Vasile (Romania) and Garik Sukachov (Russia).

INFO. "450 sheep" in Chisinau

Starting this week, you can find the "450 sheep" album for sale in Chisinau! You can find it at the commercial centre Sun City, at the "Music/Video" shop.

The way we celebrated the New Year

We celebrated The New Year in ancient Romanian city of Iasi. There were no things common for us such as Grandfather Frost, Snyegurotchka (his granddaughter), no traditional Russian salad and the most incredible – no Champaign! On the other hand everything was much more amusing than last year as we had celebrated in Kiev. The stage was mounted near an ancient castle named after a well-known Moldova’s ruler Stefan the Great. As a matter of fact Iasi is particularly rich in historic buildings, cloisters, castles and churches. On the eve of New Year crowds of motley dressed people walk along the old streets and practice ancient pagan rites. They are wrapped around with variegated ribbons wearing fearsome masks, playing tambourines, drums and keeping sticks with goat heads on them as the central symbol of this rite. It looks funny but at the same time a bit gloomily. As it got dark townsmen crowded in the central square where the main show took place. Around 50 thousand people gathered here to meet the coming New Year. Our performance was the last one before midnight and the last song of the parting year was performed several minutes before the beginning of the New Year! Not far from the stage the Mayor of Iasi was dancing together with other townsmen. Mayor’s security men were dancing round dance too. At the 12th stroke of the clock even strange people started embracing and congratulating each other. The celebrations were accompanied with a powerful salute and the fireworks were so blazing that the ashes were falling on people’s heads from time to time. Meanwhile a New Year’s meal was prepared for us in the hotel and festive music was playing. To tell the truth, this music was good only for drunken dances – and we used it for this purpose. The following bands were dancing with us: Romanian mega pop stars Trei Sud Est, rock bands Vank and Cargo as well as a newly-fledged girl’s pop band Romanita. Our New Year celebrations came to the end at Rumanian – Moldova’s frontier where we decided to make a free performance for Moldavian customs officials. All material welfares (both money and alcohol) were accepted exceptionally as New Year carol tax! :)

The sheep in Romania - the album release

On the 17-th of December the Zdubs started their trip to Bucharest, to meet their fans and the representatives of the press. The first stop (obviously after we accommodated and after we ate) was Ў§GheorgheЎЁ at the Antena 1 television. They were received by 80 years old ladies that listen to rock music and by young people that came to see and listen to them. <> and then, bedtime! The next day, they woke up early in the morning and started to take their sheep to radios and televisions. At 13.00 hours, they had a press conference, autograph session, sound check and stuff. The problems with the lights and sound were solved in the last minute.
The release concert was difficult. The organizers didnЎ¦t accomplish all the technical conditions so the show was not as the Zdubs would have wanted it. The only thing that motivated them to sing was the debt to the Bucharest fans that were waiting for this release for many months. The public was received with wine and cheese at the entry of the concert hall. Inside there were big TV screens that were projecting archive images. WeЎ¦re not very sure about what happened in the backstage but what is certain is that MC Vasile was caught out with the members of the Ў§ParazitiiЎЁ bandЎK Maybe theyЎ¦re working at some song togetherЎK.
During the show Roman was casting aside wool socks and stickers. A few pair of wool socks wearing the Ў§450 sheep logoЎЁ reached out on the feet of the best TV show moderators of Romania (ask Teo!). All the songs of the album were played, and then followed encores and dances. The concert hall was full. For further information, check out the photosѓє. The concert was broadcasted live on the internet (and it was watched by about 3000 persons), and on TV on the 3-rd day of Christmas.
The next day the marathon through radios and televisions continued. The Zdubs didnЎ¦t even have an hour to rest. But they had the time at night to go in Twice at the after party. Again interviews, cabs in the night, everybody in the big house, photos with the fans, acoustic recital, and then hurry back to the minibus and 450 sheep ЎV make love not war! This is it? For sure it is :)!

450 European sheep – with the hardcore shepherds by the neighbors

In December 2003 started the release of the “450 sheep” album on the European market. The first country chosen for the conquest of new zdub territories was Slovakia. Here is where we sang for the first time songs from our new album, in a tour in clubs, where we give our best. First in clubs, then on stadiums…we’ve learned the lesson
We were very amazed to see the halls filled at maximum capacity with people and the warm welcome though the ones that came to our concerts didn’t speak Romanian. There were 5 concerts in different spaces and cities, and different was our public too - in Kosice it was youth, in Bratislava Slovakian citizens of middle age (50 years). Generally speaking, the Slovakian public is like any other when they meet us. We can’t say that the Europeans have fun in as different way, as everyone was crazily dancing until their last breath. An euphoric fun had the pluck (or the inspiration?} to grab Rijik, right in the middle of the concert, from those parts of the body that the Spanish call “cojones”…you understand what I mean…
The concerts from Slovakia remembered us of the best Zdob [si] Zdub concerts in Chisinau, which means a lot, because we were far away from the “big house”. We were carrying with us all we needed to build the “big house” anywhere in the world. And as a bonus, at our concert in Nitra, some Moldavian students showed up and made us feel like we were home.
The standard of living of the young Slovakians allows them to have the latest news about movies and music, and to read the alternative press. They’re the ones that will buy our “Made in Moldavia” CD-s and listen to our music
Well, so far, our first step to Europe was made. The right step, for sure, because this is the only way we know how to step.
We kept for the end one of the presents we received on Christmas…our band was in Slovakia, during the holydays period THE BEST SOLD BAND of the foreign artists, in other words, 450 sheep was the MOST BOUGHT FOREIGN ALBUM in Slovakia.
The Golden Disk is getting closer to our nest, and we’ll send you a picture of it.
Our European trip has just begun!
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