“Everybody in the Casa Mare” on the 1-st place in “Musicbox” TV in Slovakia

This is what we found when we reached the mountain city Banska Bistrika. The “Musicbox”TV ( for a few weeks our video which soon reached the 1-st position in top 10. This thing happened in a Central European country, where nobody knows us! At least not yet! :) If we continue this way, it’s hard to imagine what’s gonna happen next… But for the moment, we’re pleasantly amazed and we enjoy our successes.In Bistrica we took part to a tv show were we received congratulations for our fast ascension to the 1-st place in the top. Then we sang as a band invited to a contest festival of pop music. The atmosphere was very friendly, and we felt as if we were singing in Chisinau 10 years ago, at our big concerts, when we were already known by the public and everybody sang with us. And the Slovakians managed to learn the words of the chorus “Dimineata pe racoare..”. The organizers of our tour were also extremely nice. They found out that on the 8-th of November was Rijik’s birthday and they made a dinner and gave us beer there. In Bratislava we sang in a very little club, but the public was as nice as in Bistrica. There, for the first time we met the representatives of the local press. There was only one thing that we regretted: the absence of MC Vasile. The public would have loved him.
The release of the “450 sheep” in Slovakia:
09.12.2003 - Kosice – GeS Club
10.12.2003 - Nitra – Stare pekaren Club
11.12.2003 - Bratislava – Terminal Club
12.12.2003 - Piestany – Kazacok Club
13.12.2004 - Presov – V Club

Wait for 450 sheep!

Wait for 450 sheep!

450 sheep... For the Shepard these are 245 days of solitude.
For the wolf – 450 lunches.
For the dog - 450 objects to protect.
For those who seek - 450 bells.
For those who have found - 900 eyes watching with love.
For those cutting the wool - 900 pears of socks.
For those who sing – 900 ears listening to the pipe melody.
For the soul - 450 contacts with the cosmos.
For the universe – 450 divine creatures.
For you – 450 kg of cheese.
For us – 10 songs and 1 album.
Wait for 450 sheep!

The track list of the album “450 sheep”:

1. Intro 450
2. Goviadina / Sarba lui Cacurica (Kakurica’s dance)
3. Ruta – ruta (Rutza-rutza)
4. Ciobanas (The Shepard)
5. Everybody in the Casa Mare (Everybody in the Big House)
6. 450 de OI (450 sheep)
7. DJ Vasile
8. Cuculetul (The cuckoo)
9. Nunta extremala (remake) (The extreme wedding)
10. Cucusor (The little cuckoo)
11. Ciobanul vrea sa se desparta de oi (The Shepard wants to leave the sheep)
12. Everybody in the Casa Mare (Live in Peatra Neamt, Romania)
13. Everybody in the Casa Mare (Video)

The dates of the releases:
Slovakia, Czechia, Austria – 24.11.2003
Romania – 14.12.2003 - 20.12.2003
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