4th edition of the multimedia summer festival HODOKVAS
21st – 23rd of August 2003
The end of the summer will be the forth time in the sign of the multimedia open-air festival HODOKVAS. This year in a new place – under the mountains of Male Karpaty, between Pezinok and Pezinska Baba.
More than 100 performances of local and international acts, Djs and performers are in the schedule for this year. The headliners are ZION TRAIN (UK), BABYLON CIRCUS (F), HYPNOTIX (CZ), ZDOB SI ZDUB (MD), LOS BANDITOS (D), MASFEL (H), SUPPORT LESBIENS (CZ) and the local bands – CHIKI-LIKI TU-A, HORKYZE SLIZE, POLEMIC and the punk legend ZONA A
In the area of the festival field will be also a theater arena allocated, where known theater ensembles as GuNAGu, DIVADLO OPROTI, DISK, LACO KERATA announced their performances.
Leading Slovak independent publisher Koloman Kertesz Bagala organizes the annual forum of literature. The name of this year’s session is CIRCUS OF LITERATURE.
Summer cinema is offering an all night long with J.P. Belmondo in a retrospective, others in program are Russian fairy tales and short documentary and anime movies from the University of Fine Arts, the Film Academy in Slovakia.
Also interactive happenings and painting performances should support the 4 days program of the festival
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The new album is almost ready

Yes-yes, this is just so. Returning from our vacation, we immediately settled down in our studio and started our work. As of today, all the vocal parts have been recorded and are under the montage. The only thing left is to make a sound-recording of MC Vasile’s voice and to proceed to assembling.
We can already voice that there will be 10 songs, and that this is going to be a regular musical experiment. Unlike the previous album “Agroromantica” this one contains opuses, composed in one go. The concept was born in two weeks, being inspired from the outside. Special consideration is given to the archaic folklore, which sounding is all the rage, and this makes the album hard and integral. The majority of the songs are based on the rural themes, depicting the nature and the richness of the flora and fauna of our land. These pictures have been born after the long trips to the surrounding localities. If you are an attentive observer and listener, many exciting discoveries could be made. The aforesaid discoveries lay the groundwork of the new album.
At present, the CD’s design is being elaborated as well as the design of the new site. The preparation for shooting the video-clip on the “Cuculet” (“The cuckoo”) song is going on. In a month, we’ll officially announce the track- listing, the exact date of the release, and the name of the new album. But we can already tell you that the new album will be released in the second half of the fall, during the vintage time. Keep up with the latest news.
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