Sowing albums in spring time

We didn’t have too many news on our site this spring. We were busy. We did what everybody does - agricultural works, sowing. We sowed some new songs so that we can harvest the fruits this autumn – a new album. The musical material, in his spirit and conception, is very much alike with the 1999 album, "Zdubii Bateti Tare". This means that there is a more rough and energetic sound and interesting arranging. The presence of the brass instruments is reduced with 80%, and this means there is less trumpet and trombone. They are being replaced by more archaic instruments: the "caval", the ocarina, the pipe and the accordion. Thanks to the technical endowments from the Cuibul Studio, we can experiment and use new recording technologies, thing that will increase the quality of our sound.
We can say that we’ve become more mature, and we are making not only music for the parties but also for being listened. Right now, we have about 10 songs recorded, among which are a few songs with the gipsy fiddler band "Iagalo" and one is with one of the Osoianu sisters, from the folkloric ensemble "Talancuta". Besides all these, in the new album there will be also some older song – "Ciobanasul" – but with a more rough arrangement. This song was sung only at the concerts, for 4 years, and now it’s time to put it on the album.
As you well know, the album will be released in 3 versions: for the European market, for the Romanian one and for the Russian one. The difference between the versions is not very big. They will be different in the cover design and, obviously, the texts.
Besides the recording work, in the studio, we traveled a lot, and far away. The most interesting trip was to Kazakhstan, where we had a concert at the "Admiral Nelson" club, in Alma-Ata. We reached the city of Alma-Ata by plane, a Boeing that landed among the snowed up mountains. The fresh and transparent air was making us drunk , but also many other Kazak "wonders"... Actually, not only the air was amazing, but many other Kazak "wonders"… At the concert, the Kazak girls were humming in Romanian, and among them, the Ambassador of Romania himself was hopping and dancing, with a video camera in his hand. Then, we saw that Mr. Ambassador was speaking Russian better than us:). After the concert, for the first time in our life, we went to karaoke. We never imagined it would be so much fun! And we thought it would be nice if there were some of our songs in the play list:). We were seen off at the airport in some Mercedes 600 cars, with their hand breaks fuming.
Another nice concert was in Kiev. The Kazakhstan gave us so much energy that in Kiev, at the "Chaika" (= seagull) festival, we were flying. Everything was wonderful, except the fact that at some point, our bassist had a cramp at his hand and he was showing us he cant sing anymore. This is why we couldnt sing our last song, "Laur Balaur".
The spring suddenly turned into summer, and we didn’t even notice. Our tours changed their direction, towards west. About our tour in Romania we’ll let you know in the next news.
For the moment, the Krylia festival is waiting for us, on the 5-th of July, and afterwards the band will have a 10 days holiday, and after this, Mihai Gancu and our sound engineer, Sergiu Teaca, will mix the last songs from the album. The track listing and the name of the album will be announced by the end of August.
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