The release of the “Everybody in the casa mare” video clip at the “16 TONS” club

On the 4-th of July, at the “16 TONS” club, in Moscow, will take place the release concert for the “Everybody in the casa mare” video clip, in the Russian version. At this concert, together with the Zdubs will be also Garik Sukaciov.
The “Everybody in the casa mare” video clip was filmed in 2 versions:- Romanian and Russian. The filming for the Russian version was in Moscow and in the Moldavian Republic, in March 2003.
Those who managed to see this video clip on our website could notice that this clip is not a mega-project with super-budget. There were only some spontaneous ideas filmed with an amateur video camera by our cameraman, Egor Branza. The originality of this video clip consists in the idea of trans-nationality in choosing the characters for each of the clip versions. So, in the Romanian version there is MC Vasile, a musician from a gipsy fiddlers band, Iagalo, and the Russian version of the chorus is interpreted by the maestro of the proletarian jazz and of the Russian fol-rock, Garik Sukaciov. In the video clip there is easy to notice a slight temperature difference between the Moscow suburbs and the Moldavian landscapes. On the one side, Roman is chasing some gooses on the sunny shores of the Nistru River, and on the other side is Garik hoping in the frost.
On the 5-th of July Zdob si Zdub will participate for the 3-rd time at the “Krilya” festival, on the Tushino aerodrome in Moscow. Besides the hits, at this festival will be sung also some songs from the new album, which will be released this autumn. But, at the concert from “16 TONS” these songs can be listened in a club atmosphere.

MTV Romania Music Awards 2003.

Our second apparition at the MTV RO MA was more joyful than last year at the MTV RO VMA. We are really fascinated by the efforts that the organizers of the ceremony made in order to make it reach the level of the European ceremonies using all kinds of "procedures" that were supposed to be original.
But there is a saying: "super penis non salta" :which means "appreciate yourself at your real value".
This year we were nominated for 4 categories: Best website, Best rock, with "Gipsy and the UFO", Best live and Best video.
The ceremony took place in the biggest hall in Bucharest, the Polivalenta hall, where the red carpet was waiting for us and the video and photo cameras were headed for us. Besides the reporters, at the entry also gathered a few teenagers who were screaming and lifting their hands as if they were commanded at every band apparition. We arrived at the ceremony in retro style cars, like London cabs, fact that made us feel a little strange. We’d love it most if we arrived with a wagon with horsesJ. At the entrance we were warmly welcomed by the VJ-s from MTV that tried to take us an interview. Unfortunately, as we found out later, neither on TV, nor there on the stage was heard a word of what they asked and what we tried to answer. The organizers exaggerated with the level of the background music that prevented our attempt to say a few Moldavian words on the microphone. The other "pleasant" moments followed in the hall, where the suffocating stuffiness reigned and Florin Piersic Jr. tried to cheer up the audience, thing that suffocated them even worst. The lucky pop and dance artists sung playback, and even the special guests: the German band Silver, the Italian Laura Pausini and the "elle est foutou" In-Grid did the same thing. At least all the rock and hip-hop bands sung live, thing to be praised and appreciated. But the good intentions are, as usual, punished, and at the quality of sound chapter, some of us had problems. Sometimes we felt as we were not at the MA show but at the general rehearsals. A good example in this respect was the moment when the award for the "Doina Haiducului" clip was handed to us, award which, as soon as we entered the backstage was taken from us, because they had only 2 of them for all the bands, and so the statuette was given from hand to hand like in a relay race. We are happy that we managed to touch the statuette for a few seconds and we are still hoping that one day it will appear in our office next to the other awardsJ! Later we found out that the organizers intended to personalize each statuette, but they probably didn’t make it because of time crisis.
We loved a lot the performances of Vita de Vie and Parazitii, our favorite Romanian bands, and we sincerely appreciate the attempt to sing live of the band "Class", but: And we’re sorry that "Partizan" didn’t receive any award.
Generally speaking we are happy with our performance at the ceremony. We sang 2 plays, "Videli Noci" and "Everybody in the casa mare", and we managed to wake up the audience from the lethargy they were in, thanks also to MC Vasile and his "ultrasound" voice singing "Dimineaaataaaa pe racoaaareeeeeeeee!!!"

P.S The reporters can criticize over and over the MTV Ro Ma 2003 ceremony. It is their job. It’s the easiest thing to criticize something and the hardest thing is to do something. So we have to admit that MTV is the best musical post in Romania and we should appreciate it because it’s "our".

Another P.S: before the ceremony, while walking on the red carpet, Roman was so happy and enthusiastic because of the feast, that he took his pants off and exposed his butt in the sun. This "act of externalizing the joy" was immortalized on the films by the reporters, who are perplexed because of Roman’s gesture and we are perplexed on the reporters’ perplexity.

Now we have 2 Nr 1 fans!:)

You probably remember that one year ago we made a special award, a very pleasant one for our fans - "Fan Zdob si Zdub NR 1". The award consisted of the fact that every year, the most active fan of the band has the chance to spend one day with the Zdubs and to communicate with them on any theme. Last year, the lucky one was Magda-Roxana Dobirta, student in Cluj-Napoca.
Its time we chose 2003"s Nr 1 fan. This time we had 2 Nr1 fansѓє!
The first - Alexandra Clepcea, 17 years old, a pupil in the 10-th form, at the "Ioan Cuza" high school, from Bucharest. Alexandra earned the award because she is the one who made the #zdobsizdub channel from the mIRC, on the undernet network, channel that united many Zdob si Zdub fans and where the Zdubs themselves have the opportunity to communicate online with their fans.
The second Nr 1 fan is the Japanese girl Tomomi Kaneko, who lives in Romania for 2 years and is a social assistant. Together with her friend, Kuniko, the Japanese girls represent the most exotic and devoted couple from the Romanian public. Trying not to miss any of the Zdob si Zdub concerts, they travel all over the country in order to be present at every concert of the band. Beside all these, the girls from Japan started to make a Zdob si Zdub site in Japanese, and they are trying to bring the Zdubs at a Japanese festival.
Both Alexandra and Tomomi spend one day with the Zdubs and communicated with them , they were invited ant the MTV Ro MA ceremony and at night, after the "folly" from Polivalenta they went together with the band and their staff at the after party in club Twice, where they partied until late at night.
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