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This is for all those who want to download our video clips! Now u can do this for free, as in the “VIDEO” heading you can find ALL the Zdob si Zdub video clips, except for the last one, “Everybody in the casa mare”. This video clip can be found on the site after its official release.

Official declaration

In their run for sensational subjects, the journalists hurry up and exaggerate as usually. Reading the article “Zdob si Zdub have signed with Warner”, we want to let you know that there is no pre-contract between the Zdob si Zdub and the Warner Music Company. Presently there are some negotiations and the Warner is analyzing the demo songs that are especially recorded for them. No official document has been signed, and it is possible that this demo to be sent to other Record Companies.

Little Zdubs are arriving

Roman’s daughter, Alisa Yagupova, is a very energetic and full of a keen artistic sense girl. She is only 4 years old and she already knows how to hold the guitar in her hands, to stand up in front of the camera like a real star, and to dance rock’n’roll. From now on she will have a new partner to play with - Lucia Gincu. Two weeks ago, the second founder of the Zdob si Zdub became a father. He said that this child came into this world as a result of a virual kiss sent to a exotic dances interpreter during the Modern Dance Festival in Chisinau.
Young ladies, here is our advice: always give many many kisses! The trumpeter Valerica haired is the most wicked bachelor of the band, and red-haired Rijik is waiting too.

P.S. This year the geography of our tours is very varied. Our new album will be released in all the European countries, so the chances of receiving a zdub kiss are equal for all the European girls!

“The Gypsy and U.F.O.” in the German compilation.

The independent “TRIKONT” record company, from Germany ( released the compilation “Russian Disco Hits”. On this compilation was also included the Russian version for “Tiganii si OZN”. On this compilation there is a mixture of musical genres – punk-polka, Russian rock, kletzmer ska, and pop – sovok. They deliberately chose this large specter of musical genres, fact that will allow the German public to make a clearer image of the music from the CSI.. Besides Zdob si Zdub, in this compilation are also present bands like Nogu Svelo, Leprikonski, V.V, Leningrad, Leonid Soibelman, Red Elvis, etc.

Visiting Garic

We have decided to spend our holidays in a bright way. Once at the rehearsals, we came out with the idea of making the Russian version of “Everybody in the casa mare”. And while thinking of the right musician that would fit better for singing the chorus of the song, we reached 2 results: the vocal of the Ukrainian band “VV” Oleg Skripka or Gary Sukaciov (singer, actor, director). First we phoned Sukaciov who immediately agreed. In 2 days, Roman, the producer of Zdob si Zdub Igor Dinga, and Garik Sukacoiv vere having a coffee in the well-known “Kino” club in Moscow. Then Garik invited us to his place, and he took us there with his white jeep. On the way to his home, Garik took us for a ride in the old Moscow quarters that he loves. The discussion continued in Garic’s apartment, and we spoke about many other things besides our project. We found out that Garic collects records of the Romanian orchestras from the inter-war period, and that he likes a lot the “Ionesco” theatre from Chisinau. And finally, after Garic told us all about his hobbies, after he showed us photos that he done during the diving and after showing us his collection of bibelots from the USSR, he told us that the next day we could begin working. Said and done. The next day, in the studio, in an hour’s time, Garic composed and recorded the Russian version of the chorus for “Everybody in the casa mare”. These days our cameraman Egor Branza is filming Garic. These frames will be mounted in the video. We hope you will see the results as soon as possible.


Dear friends! The year 2002 remained in the history as one of the most important and especial stages in the existence of the Zdob si Zdub band. We spent our nights for 2 years and a half dedicating ourselves to the joy called “Agroromantica”
The well-known song of Victor Tsoi – “Videli Noci” made us walk trough agrarian ways so that we could achieve an original sound that later was the base of a new album composed and recorded even during our tours. The music of the inviting wine and the dances ‘till the last breath managed to get into people’s hearts.
We are grown-ups now and we became wiser. Our long trips from Serbia to Siberia tempered our bodies and minds. While performing in our many concerts, we met good people and also not so good ones. Seeing all kinds of manifestations of the human kind, we have changed our vision of life and we see things in a different way now. Our honorariums changed too from hundreds to thousands dollars. And we don’t need to accept second hand musical instruments anymore. We have a well-endowed technical base and world-class music devices. We lost most of the hardcore fans but we gained a larger public – from children to old ladies.
Now we think it’s time to have a break, take a look back, and think of what we’ll do from now on. In January the band has stopped it’s concerts for leaving into a “creation holiday”. In a 2 months time the band will work for the new album, more exactly for the 2 albums. One of them, conceived for the CSI and Romania market will include 10 new songs. The second one, dedicated to Eastern and Western Europe will be a compilation of the best songs from the “Zdubii Bateti Tare” and “Agroromantica” albums. These songs will be recorded again, thing that makes them achieve a tougher sound. The new album will be released in Russia in April. There are also being plans for release tours in Romania and R.Moldova. We were also invited to some European festivals that we really don’t want to miss.
At the end, we want to let you know about a few changes about the band’s line up. From personal reasons, Andrei Cebotari, the drummer, will leave the band. And because it’s very hard to find a drummer on the R.Moldova territory, we face again the 1999 situation when our first drummer left us and in these conditions Mihai Gangu became our drummer. Mihai was the drummer when “Zdubii Bateti Tare” was recorded. So, it looks more probable that we’ll invite a bass-guitarist, not a drummer in the band.
Someone goes…someone comes…. Now in our collective someone new appeared: Egor Branza, an ace in what concerns the art of filming. All our adventures will be filmed, and who knows, maybe we’ll make a little movie about usJ. The first Egor Branza creation was the video for “Everybody in the casa mare”. These are the things that happened here… When the trees will begin to blossom and when the birds will sing, then we’ll come to you again. And keep in mind: the real story begins only now!
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