The Zdubs have become very important persons:)

On the 19-th of December took place in Chisinau the yearly VIP ceremony that
was set up three years ago by the City Mayoralty. At this ceremony the best
representatives of the busyness, politics, sport and culture of the Moldavian
Republic were awarded. They told us that we deserve an award too. At night they
gathered us at the 5 stars hotel “Dedeman”, where they proposed us to party in
the "european style". The show was opened by Serafim Urecheanu, the mayor of
the city. Everything was filmed by 5 video cameras and was broadcasted live at
the radio. In fact, the ceremony was called VIP but looked more like a
moldavian version of the MTV. Almost all our stars were invited on the scene,
to sing, and then they were handed statuettes and golden badges. Among the
laureates were: Ion Suruceanu, Nelly Ciobanu, Natalita Barbu, Viktoria Mahu, O-
Zone and Millenium. We watched the ceremony with interest, but we were
anxiously waiting for the party:) After a few hours the moment has arrived: At
another floor, tables full of the best food and the finest drinks were
expecting us. With our award under our arms and with glasses of wine in our
hands we celebrated the event. This award will be carefully kept among the
other awards we received, as this is the second award that we received from our

"La vie en rose" in Barcelona

Everybody is asking us how was it in Barcelona. Here’s the answer: in Barcelona it was cool! Super scene, super lights, super sound, super show, and super party! Everything was at the highest level. The only problem was that Zdob si Zdub couldn’t participate at the event, and only Roman Yagupov and Igor Dinga (the producer of Zdob si Zdub) partook of the snails cooked in wine sauce.
On the scene performed Pink, Bon Jovi, Moby, Eminem, Robbie Williams and other stars. It was joyful but the most interesting things happened after the show. We were handed some pink bracelets that we were explained to be the passes to the show and the after-party. Later it was observed that there were organized a few parties and the access to them was depending on the color of the bracelet. At the Eminem and Puff Daddy’s party we couldn’t get in because we didn’t have the right color of the bracelet. In return, we reached to another party, where some dressed in military uniform travesties guided us; after waiting in line for more than one hour, we got through a party that looked more like a charity lunch for the poor from Central Africa, with only one difference: the wine was given for free, from buckets, and Spanish music was playing.
At this party we met some friends and colleagues of ours.
From the stars, honored us with the presence only the guys from Coldplay, who were probably upset for not winning anything and decided to ignore their winner colleagues. MTV Russia, MTV Romania and TV Inter, from Ukraine interviewed us. The funniest thing was that the boys from Green Gray, from Ukraine came to MTV EMA without invitations and before the show they kept on asking us for some extra-invitations. Eventually the boys managed to get in at the Puff Daddy’s “only for whites” party. They probably achieved that by declaring themselves from the ex-URSS and asking for political exile:)
And we didn’t even think about our nominalization, especially as we already knew we wouldn’t receive the award. But this didn’t make us sad! We think that maybe if we’ll compose a song in English, we’ll win something and after that we’ll have access to all the after-parties:) Until then we’ll have to be content with the nominalization and of the pink bracelets:)
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