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Not long ago “Doina Haiducului” was released and Zdob si Zdub filmed a new video clip. This new video is different from the others especially through the “alternative” approaching of the creative process. We decided not to ask for help from professional producers, and not to spend money on the 35 mm film. We decided to make a video clip in the “Home Video” style.
For the experiment we have chosen a new song, “Everybody in the casa mare”, sang together with the vocal from “Iagalo”.
Egor Levinski , who once worked at the national television and now as a barman at one of the clubs in Chisinau, was the director, the cameraman and the stylist of the video.
We didn’t plan anything at all and the ideas, which came to us spontaneously, were immediately recorded on a digital cam.
In the beginning we thought of walking on the viaduct of Chisinau humming the song, but that day was gloomy and so were we, too, thing that didn’t suit the spirit of the song. The frames filmed there were good only for the weather prognosis.
So we decided to put on some funny clothes and film at our place, the studio of rehearsals.
The images were cool, but something seemed to be missing…someone proposed us to film in the Cricova cellars. Said and done! Through the obscure tunnels of the winery we organized a bike and scooter race, screaming as loud as we could “pour the wine and give us food…!”
Our demands were taken seriously into consideration and we were treated with wine from the Cabernet collection.
To accomplish our creation we left for Bucharest, where, at the Village Museum we filmed old man Vasile, the vocal from Iagalo, singing the chorus of the song.
After the montage we obtained a little movie on which we didn’t spend a penny, but which mirrors our mood exactly as we wanted it.

October Romanian Tour

Our first destination was a little frontier town –Husi. The Prom that we were invited to sing at turned for the little town into a major event which gathered all the people of Husi, including old man Ion’s aunt, Marioara from the hill. The concert took place into an archaic cinema with walls that were about to fall dawn from the very first guitar chord. We don’t have the slightest idea of what was in the organizers’ minds when they put the teachers’ tables right in front of the scene…but the honorable teachers, which were probably expecting to see a room orchestra concert, had to hop together with the vibrating chairs on the rhythm of the Moldavian hardcore. Nothing left to the packed like sardines teens but to shriek with laughter on their teachers’ reactions:)

If it wouldn’t have been for the technical problems then the concert in Romanesti cave could be called the most astonishing Zdob si Zdub concert of the last years. A real performance!!! For a few years, The Speleology Organization from Timisoara is inviting different musical styles singers or groups to concert in the most exotic concert room - a cave in the mountains.
For the trip to the place of the concert the organizers provided us with drays and for the musical instruments a dray having instead of horses a tractor. More “agroromantic” than ever!!!
The road to the cave lasted about 40 minutes but it seemed to us an eternity! The horses were tired, the road was often too narrow and the dray was about to fall in a precipice. A real challenge of extreme sports!! In that day we were overdosed with adrenaline! :)
We finally got there. In and outside the cave about 2000 people were waiting for us – a select public, most of them rockers. But what we saw inside the cage was something we never imagined. The “scene” was surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites among which people were walking wearing helmets with flashlights on them, just like miners. For the illuminating of the concert were used 3 power generators, two of them being immediately out of order. Eventually the concert took place in obscurity, feet were slipping on the clammy rocks and water was dripping from the ceiling. It was a proverbial show!

The next concert was in Twice (Bucharest) where it was an absolute premiere of the “Doina Haiducului” video clip. We were pleased by our performing and by the concert on the whole, but we sympathize with the public which was very screwy. At the concert in “Red&Black” in Iasi the situation was the same, thing which leads us to a question: when will we meet in Romania organizers which will call us to sing in a large concert room?

Everybody in “Tochka”!

On the 14-th of December at the muscovite club “Tochka” will take place our concert dedicated to the 10 years jubilee of the “FeeLee” Records Company. During its 10 years of activity, the “FeeLee” edited the albums of many Russian and foreign singers. We, the Zdubs are also among those who were released under the “FeeLee” label. We released 3 albums at this record company. As part of the concert will be the release of a new compilation, “De la hardcore la romantica”, conceived under the “greatest hits” principle. This album will include the best songs from “Hardcore Moldovenesc”, “Tabara noastra”, “Agroromantica” and “Remixuri”. Even more, besides this “The best”, the FeeLee company will present the other albums, re-edited and completed with a few bonus-tracks, and two new songs.
So, on the 14-th of December, everybody in “Tochka”!
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