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Zdob si Zdub new videoclip.

Last week, the shots for the 7-th Zdob si Zdub video clip „Doina Haiducului” ended in Chisinau. The clip was recorded on a 35 mm film. The director of the clip is Igor Cobileanschi, the one who also directed „Buna dimineata”- one of the best Zdob si Zdub videos. The shooting process took place on the stages of the „Moldova Film” studio and on the streets of Chisinau, and lasted 3 days and 2 nights. A 30 person technical team and more than 100 exstras among which there were the actors of the „Eugene Ionesco” theatre participated in this project. They worked about 20 hours a day. Because of the everlasting doubles and of the pretty cold weather some of the extras fell unconscious. The director himself couldn’t face the tense rhythm of the sleepless nights and fainted too. The ambulance, which according to the script was supposed to appear in the clip, had to accomplish its medical mission and eventually to give first aid.
The concept of the clip is based on the multiplicity of contrastive images and contains social thematic elements. Due to the technical procedures of filming and to the movement of special devices, the spectator is induced into a lightly psychedelic state.
The premiere of the video clip will take place in club “Twice” in Bucharest on the 21-st of October, and at the MAI Palace in Moscow on the 2-nd of November.

Agroromantica is over.

Last Friday took place the final concert of the “Agroromantica tour. We may say it was a successful concert. Obviously not everything went right but the fact that it was a unique show is indisputable. Until now nobody ever invited a gypsy fiddlers to participate at a rock music concert, nobody sang and composed songs together with them. Without them the concert wouldn’t be so exiting, the public wouldn’t dance on the tables, honorable men elegantly dressed wouldn’t jump like children and the youth wouldn’t sing horas. From a real show can’t be omitted eccentric characters. In this case it was the Napoleon gipsy who, riding a cask and barefooted was beating rhythms of archaic songs. And the trumpeter was sharing apples to the public right in the middle of the concert.
We are happy to finally have in Chisinau a club, “Moscova”, endowed with excellent devices and stage. The club administration committed one single mistake: the entry door was too narrow and it took an hour for the public to get in after being seriously checked and submitted to a “casting” by the guards. Finally no “Ben Laden” slunk in.
We may say the tour is over. As a postscript of this tour there were recorded 3 plays together with Iagalo. – “Cuculet”, “Dimineata pe racoare” and the cover-version of the Rolling Stones’ “Paint it black”. But, this might not be a postscript, it might be a prologue…?

Photoes by club “Moscova”.
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