A year has elapsed since the large public was acquainted with the last “Zdob si Zdub” album under the name “Agroromantica”. In this interval of time, the band performed about 100 concerts in Russia, Romania, the Ukraine and Moldova, which were attended by thousands people. Many of them fell in love with “Agroromantica” songs due to the original approach with regard to contemporary music performance, vivid ethnic concept of the entire album, which is impregnated with gypsy folklore and Balkan region spirit. At the heart of the work over “Agroromantica” album was the idea to bring our music to a maximum amount of people, deliberately omitting the guitar aggression, that was present in the early “Zdob si Zdub” albums.

On October 4, in Chisinau, there will be the closing concert of the tour “Agroromantica” and the review of the performed work. The concert will take place, with the help of our sponsors, in the new concert hall “Moscova”, which is equipped with magnificent sound and light equipment, and will be accompanied by a show program. Our special guests from Romania – the gypsy folklore music Taraf (Orchestra) IGALO from Mirsa and Clejani villages, where secular traditions are still preserved – will come to participate in the show. The Orchestra will also take place in teamwork to record three new songs, to be released as a single by the end of the year 2002. We hope that the debut of these songs will take place at this concert.

The closing concert of the tour will respectively be decorated in the ethnic style, and will include all the songs from “Agroromantica” album. A team of professionals will shoot this concert with the help of five video cameras. Later on, it is envisaged to put out on market a VHS format videotape of the said event, which will become the first official video of the “Zdob si Zdub” music band.

Now there are 7 of “Zdubs”

Our tribe has been completed with one more “freak”. From now on, one more guitarist, whose name is Cosparmac Victor (known as Vicos), is playing with us. His arrival will make our sound harder. As a matter of fact, we have thought for a long time that our musical ideas be shaded by a more powerful guitar sound, and, recently, our wishes have come true. All happened owing to our technical director Artur, who, one day, being stretched on his home divan, heard a divine guitar partite, which was coming from the neighbor flat from above. A natural thought came to Artur’s mind: the guy that is above should try his luck at “Zdob si Zdub” without fail!
After a short “session”, there has been a meeting with the said “neighbor”, and it has been discovered that Vicos is a real professional and master, trained in the best hard-rock traditions. He used to earn his bread offering guitar classes to the children from a musical school. Now it’s the time for him to embark on a more serious work, and get the place of the leading “Zdob is Zdub” guitarist.
Following several joint concerts and participation at the recording of the Mummii Troli’s cover version of the “Bride”, it became clear that Vicos perfectly suites the assigned role. Besides, he will perform the partite at the acoustic guitar and kobza (Moldovan ethnic instrument), making our musical diapason more colorful.

MTV Romania Video Music Awards

Of course, these are not the World Music and even not the European Music awards yet! Our brothers, the Romanians, made an attempt to organize a similar event, marking off the video clips of the artists, who were performing in Romanian (both local and Moldovan) in the day that overlapped with the New York world video music awards. The Romanian MTV is almost 3 months old, but already gives out its awards, and does this with some pomp. The building, which name is the Children’s Palace, and where the show took place, was besieged with limousines with stars jumping off, and reporters running up. However, that generated no considerable public excitement, and, as a consequence, some stars fell. The small hall was predominantly filled with show-business representatives and artistic circle, and everything was conditioned: one star was presenting another one, and the latter was singing and presenting the following. The performance of the Romanian boys bands remained in our memory, of special interest was the band “Akcent” (whose vocalist was feeble, and was about to fall from the stage). The same applies to “Parazitii” band (the guys were supporting their trousers, singing, at the same time, “suck the …”. We were glad to hear the band “Partizan” with their composition “Fata mea este model” (“My girl is a model”).
Some jolly moments were present as well. When the VJ Kiti heard that the main award for the video clip of the year “The Gypsies and the UFO” was given to the music band from Moldova (to us), she decided to sing “Ochi ciornie” (“The black eyes” - an old Russian romance-hit). Her mate Vali thought it’s an utter fallacy, and decided to nip it in the but, saying that in Moldova only the local prostitutes are of a certain interest to him. And for that we send to Vali our personal FUCK!!!
Besides the main award, the prizes (statuettes) for the best cinematography fell to our lot; the only thing is that these statuettes are not presentable at all. We had a feeling that either the Romanian school children made them out of logs, working with the fret saw at the Labor Lessons. Unfortunately, we cannot even crack the Moldovan nuts with these prizes!
But, in general, we are grateful to our friend Cornel for the reception and to MTV for the luxurious rooms at the Grand Mariott Hotel. We are sure that in the future the MTV Romania Awards Ceremony will become an outstanding and enchanting show, worth celebrating under this trademark.


“Zdob si Zdub” team presents its condolences with regard to the death of its friend and inspirer Neacsu Culai – a Romanian violinist and founder of the Gypsy Orchestra “Taraf de Haiduks”. The magic sounds of its violin influenced our creation and was reflected in our songs…

On the picture: Neacsu Culai and Roman Yagupov at the Gypsy Festival in Moscow in May 2001.

Our Fan (and Fun) Number One!!!

During the lifetime of our site, our guest-book received a lot of positive comments and warm wishes from our fans all over the world. Following a consultation, we decided that it’s high time to define the Number One Zdob si Zdub official site’s visitor. Thus, after a laborious and excruciating analytical thinking, we came to the conclusion that this is a young lady with a wonderful name Dobirta Magda-Roxana, a student living in a Romanian city Cluj-Napoca.
In quality of a prize, this nice girl won the possibility to communicate with the band’s members, as well as to attend the Video Music Awards Ceremony and participate as a guest at the MTV Romania, where Zdob si Zdub had appeared on life broadcast.
We cordially congratulate our Fan Number One and wish her a lot of Fun in personal life. As concerns the others – we recommend taking her for a model that held up the main prize.
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