MTV Romania Video Music Awards.

August 29. “Zdob si Zdub” are invited to the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, that is envisioned take place in Romania, where the prizes for the best 2002 video-clips will be awarded. The band will have a performance at the Pioneers’ Palace from Bucharest (at present, it is called the Children’s Palace). There will be a lot of people there, and the band will have a chance to compete for awards in four categories! Three songs, which are hits in Romania, will be played live.

The unity with nature at the Prut River.

We have recently had a trip to the Prut River, the South of Moldova. Almost fairy places with picturesque benches, muddy water, and Moldovan houses of unique architecture filled the overall atmosphere with an ethnic spirit. Collecting the local folklore, we got acquainted with a Moldovan family that turned to be very hospitable, and served us their wine. We bathed, fished, danced at the bonfire, played doba, and communicated with nature. The unity with the latter was felt in the company with herons, and regiments of malicious nights.
Our adventures ended up somewhere in the region of Danube and Prut Rivers crossing, in the point where it was possible to survey the Romanian harbor city Galats. In those entirely wild places, similar to those shown on the Discovery channel, some relics of the former Soviet Union have left: a drooped stripy bordering post from the Soviet times, and the state villa of the former Moldovan general secretary Bodiul, which lost its splendor, and which was famous due to its parties. The rumors say that Bodiul is in Moscow at present, he lives on Patriarshii Prudi and, grumbling, chases from place to place the local children…

“Ciaica” (“The sea-gull” Festival) flew in the middle of the Nistru River.

And no doubts: it is really so! Among all the concerts from the “Agroromantica” tours, this one turned to be the coolest! There was an open-air concert with fifty thousand people, respective sound, light, and, which is the more important – energy. It is fine that the said festival was intended for youth, without different VIPs and similar pompous glare. And, of course, in such a situation, one cannot do without a pair of old hits. Besides the well-known hits, some extremal songs were performed, among which “Hardcore Moldovenesc” and “Nunta Extremala” (“The Extremal Wedding-Party”). The feedback between the audience and the artists reached the boiling point very soon, and, as a result, an open-airy euphoria was felt. The music band “Mulitfilimi” made an illustrious deed, performing with no bass on the stage – the respective musician fell suddenly ill. Thus, everything was up to the mark, without taking into account the hotel (it was like a hospice from our studentship reminiscences), and the nasty back-stage (it is desirably to provide some meal there, as without energy the musicians could unexpectedly go round). It was our luck that our producer Igor Dinga took from home a bag in box system with red wine and, personally, was pouring it out to the musicians and the guests.

A series of business meetings (clandestine and not very) took place with different partners of ours. Joint projects with the Ukrainian music band “Tartak” and the singer Ruslana, with who it is envisioned to record a song and to release a video-clip, were discussed. The most important thing from the standpoint of our position on the music market we could consider the negotiations with the Warner Music representative.

We were pleased a lot with the work of Kiev mass media, especially with the TV. During a TV-show, we were minutely informed about the opinions of the Gypsies with regard to our creation, and decided to take into account their extraterrestrial wishes. When we were ready to set out, our festival coordinator mentioned that we are Mafia itself. What kind of Mafia we are? We are a tribe!

French Samogon Party

From 9 to 12 August.
The trip to Nice started from the loss of the trumpet, which disappeared in the baggage space of the Frankfurt airport! The mood of the musician we won’t describe – he was ill. The instrument was found only two weeks later. The Cote d’Asure was like the Crimean coast: the same mountains, sea and air. The only difference was in the glittering plenty of high rate hotels, expensive automobiles and yachts, stylish and well-groomed women… No efforts at all: here respectable people are on vacation. The Frenchmen are amiable, but, for some reason, hardly speak English.
We were playing at a party, organized by well-to-do Russians, not far from a locality called Saint-Tropez. The event was nick-named Samogon Party (“samogon” is “home-brew”), and was unfolding with the respective paraphernalia: a constuction having the form of a fake home-brew making machine, and 300 liters of the said divine beverage, especially brought from Russia. Everybody was having fun and listening to the Russian classical music together with folklore. Through hearsay, it was envisaged to invite a musical band from Saint-Petersburg to that party, but the organizers considered that it would grate on the ear the 40 year old women. The performance of the famous Russian jazz musician Igori Butman has stuck in our memory. He received a storm of applause.
After the party, we have snatched some bottles of Remy Martin and have gone for a walk on the quay. There we played the fool, sang, and made a row. Thus, our sound-engineer Serghey Antonov, being drunk, clambered on a mast of one of the luxurious yachts and started to swing it. But the most amazing thing was that everybody didn’t care a fig. This curious fact was confirmed the next day when Roman, dressed in a bath-robe, strolled about the street with a defiant behavior. Nobody put a finger on us, neither called the police, nor drag us to the office. The Frenchmen were calm, and some of them even joined us for to sing, dance, and have fun in our company.


Dear visitors of the official international “Zdob si Zdub” site !!!
Beginning from August, the news will come out in the English language as well. You have just to direct your mouse to the upper right corner, and click on the English version. Also, in the Press Section, appeared the translations of the History of the Band and the press release of the last album “Agroromantica” in English. Besides, the English-speaking visitors will be able to discover the peculiarities of Chisinau and Moldova in the Section “It is interesting”.
Soon, the automatic sending of News will start to work, and you will be able to subscribe to it.

The press-attache of the “Zdob si Zdub” music band Serghei Zamuruev.

Summer ZDOB sketches

From August 6 to 8. We arrived to “Krilia” (“Wings”). Especially for this purpose we arrived earlier, in order to have a direct broadcast at the program “Vozduh” (“Air”) at “Nashe Radio”. For the first time we released for the public opinion the cover-version of Mummii Trolli composition “Nevesta” (The Bride”). (The MP3 format could be found in the Media Section). The next day, we went to the Tushino airport. Accordingly, there were plenty of helicopters and air balls in the sky. There was a wild heat. The stage was overcrowded and the technicians did not catch the sound quite well. But, we were given a towel (by the by, this happened for the first time at a Russian Festival). Then, “Bi-2” had their performance, and after that, we represented them by the flute-version of “Our rock-and-roll”. We listened to “Ivan Kupala”. “Voskresenie” (“The Sunday”) and Boris Grebenschikov”, talked to Pastet (ex-IFK), Sukaciov and Makarevitch (with the latter - about fishing). Then, everybody ran to look at the Iggy Pop. The 58 years old father, with an evil dead appearance, decided to show off to everybody that there was some gunpowder to be lit yet. The girl friend of the aged monster was inculcated in the mind – it’s about her silicon bottom and breast. We all were waiting for the beloved old “In the death car”, but it was all in vein. Egor from “Mulitfilimi” (“Cartoon networks”) was angry, and claimed that if he would have a chance he would have killed the organizers of the show. We met Seva Novgorodtsev from “Radio Svoboda” (“Radio Liberty”) in the queue for hamburgers. He was glad to hear that we are vegetarians and we shaked hands with him. Sid from “Tarakani” (“Cockroaches”) was wondering nearby, demonstrating his new color. He was badly drunk, and in the evening definitely looked like Vishez from “Sex Pistols”… Our photographer Kolea Orlov, whose photo session masterpieces could be found here, fixed this overall mess.

From July 12 to 22. It was a long-looked-for vacation. The Crimean seashore at Novii Svet (New World) met us with a marvelous sea shell, lobster and juniper grove. No work at all: everybody was occupied only with relaxation. Crimean onion, sea air, climbing the mountains and the valleys, aquatic hunting and all of the kind… The absence of the TV and any news was good news. We were disappointed by the local wine (it was tasteless), wasps (what a bore they were!), the food services at the beach (the reminiscences of the former USSR). The children were tiresome (like a pin in the ass), as well as the sun (burning). But, in rest, everything was O’K. Perhaps, something will come to the surface in our creation.

July 25. We don’t even want to talk about “Slavianski Bazar” Festival! Fucking playback and Boris Moiseev with his wails at 4:30 in the morning. Plenty of ballet-dancers, attached to one singer, changing the clothes now and then. Also, there was the show of the Belorussian President Lukashenko, on-line… That’s all!

July-August. We embarked on shooting a new video-clip on the cover-version of Mummii Trolli’s “Nevesta”. It will contain stills from the wedding party of our drummer Andrei Cebotari. The event took place in the Wild Transnistrian zone, and was accompanied by habits, characteristic for that region. There was a lot of food and colorful personages. No quarrels stroke up.
The principal hero of the video-clip will be Roman Yagupov, with associated metamorphoses on the topic “slight fetishism”. The point is that the skirt is transformed into the bridal veil and vice versa. Even the producer himself doesn’t know what this tough venture will turn into. However, it is possible to say that the clip will be about loneliness, will have an ambiguous sense and will have a lot of Freud in it. Also, there will be a possibility to see all the members of the band in unexpected positions. The clip will be released in two variants: in Russian and in Romanian languages.

From August 9 to 12. Performance at the French Festival of young wine “Saint-Tropez”, at the cost of the Mediterranean Sea. Also, we are waiting for the confirmation as regards our participation at the Festival in Arad (Romania), that is envisaged for August 30. We don’t feel quite comfortable concerning this trip, as the last time our arrival was connected with some unpleasant organization related effects. The organizer of the concert, which was supposed to take place in the Sports Palace from Arad, ran away, without paying the fee. The band did not move to the stage that time, and the Romanian band ASIA was a victim, too. We hope that this time everything will be O’K.

An important event will be the participation of “Zdob si Zdub” at the national Ukrainian Festival “Chiaika” (“The sea-gull”), to be held will the occasion of the Independence Day of the Ukraine. It is supposed to take place on August 24, on the territory of an exhibition (VDNH) in Kiev. The detailed information about the Festival could be found on the site:
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